Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wendie Plan

Ok, I've mentioned this plan several times, and have been asked about it each time. So I will make a post just about it.

This plan is Weight Watchers, nothing different. It just provides a little more structure than the regular plan, and it is based in the Flex plan, not Core.

Wendie, the designer, looked over months and months of her journals to discover why she had stopped losing weight. The gist of what she learned is that the body gets used to what is put in it if the same thing is put in each day. So, she basically discovered that you need to eat a different number of points each day. She also discovered that you shouldn't have two high or two low days in a row. They need to alternate.

For example, my points target is 28. Below is my points schedule for the week.

Day 1: 28
Day 2: 33
Day 3: 29
Day 4: 43
Day 5: 28
Day 6: 32
Day 7: 30

This plan incorporates your weekly allowance already, and you do not eat your activity points. So, if you tend to need more to eat on your big exercise days, don't do much on days 1 and 5. Instead, save your exercise for your high point days. You should also plan for your high point day to be as far as possible from your weigh in day.

You can view more info on the plan at The Wendie Plan and view the points ranges at the MSN group. The MSN page now requires that you join the group, and I am in the process of doing that now. It's free and all that.

I don't plan to do this particular plan all the time. I just want to use it when I seem to be stuck. Like right now. Hopefully that will jumpstart everything for me for the next few weeks. And if y'all need any more info on it or anything, just let me know!

Edit: I don't like the way the MSN page is done now, so I have created a page that has the table on it. Don't laugh TOO much at the page. I just created a freewebs account and put the table on it.


ArleneWKW said...

I don't think I'd have the discipline for the lower point days, but the general idea of the Wendy plan as you describe it seems like an excellent strategy for holidays. If I can begin to "save" points now, even just a point a day, I can allow myself more freedom on Thanksgiving.

Purl_Princess said...

Cool - I've always wondered that was. I've heard people talking about and I was hoping it meant eating out at Wendy's alot... but alas...

Tigerlilly said...

Great plan...if I were doing the points thing, I would definatley try it... I know you can do it with calories, but that just confuses me WAY too much! LOL. Good Luck with it, I know you can do it!


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