Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time To Move On!!!

And NO, I'm not leaving. I plan to be here for a long time yet. Just hopefully a little smaller! I'm referring to our Challenges. We've worked hard in January, and it's time for February. New challenges, new roadblocks, new determination to continue. I actually started the really profound post over on the challenge board, but it died halfway through. Not Bloggers fault (for once!) but all my own. My brain decided to revolt halfway through and I was stuck trying not to sound TOO stupid finishing it. I don't think I did incredibly well, but that's not important.

And now, on to life!

Like Jeannie, I had gym woes this week. I was supposed to start Water Aerobics Tuesday night. I was really excited about it to. But between being out late shopping, trouble sleeping, AND an alarm clock not going off Tuesday morning I didn't get my stuff together. SOO, as I ran (well, walked quickly. I don't run) to work, I planned to stop and grab all that on my way to the bank at lunch. So, I left for lunch late in hopes of having a better time getting everything done. Signing up for the Biggest Winner program took longer than I expected, the bank took longer than expected (1 person working over the lunch hour, very long wait) and I didn't have time to get by the apartment.
I was determined to get a workout in even if it wasn't water aerobics. As I was walking to the locker room Ms. Susan, one of the ladies I know with rec sports, asked if I was going. I told her what happened and she told me that there were several women in the fac/staff locker room getting ready to go. So, I walk in and the first person I see is Ms. Mary, THE sweetest lady on our campus. She asked if I was going, and I told her. She asked if I had any shorts to wear! I smiled, pulled up my long skirt and said "I have a petti-slip! Does that count?" She laughed at me.
So, since I couldn't do water aerobics I spend about 20 minutes on a bike with my textbook instead. It wasn't optimal, but it worked. I'm going to TRY to make it to the lunch meeting for Biggest Winner tomorrow (assuming I can get someone to cover my job) and then do water aerobics. If nothing else I will still get my swimsuit to the gym for next week.

To top it all off, I couldn't get my damn locker opened. But the fac/staff locker room has a locked door so I just left everything out on the bench. It was fine. I might be doing that during my short ride tonight since I forget the card with my locker combination on it again. I'm sure I just forgot the combination since I only got the locker the other day.

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I think I managed to stop by all my blogs today (and have for several days in a row!) and left comments. So, everybody get some good sleep tonight and try to be energetic about the last half of the week!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Biggest Winners at Southern Miss

It turns out that I was able to get on a team for this program at work. I'm on a team that consists of faculty, staff, and students. So we get to be a little different. I got a glance at the list of my team members today, but I only recognized one name. And it isn't someone that I know well, I've just talked to her on the phone a few times.

Anyway, I think I will enjoy the program. They are going to weigh me and do measurements either tomorrow or Wednesday. I will alos be getting a lipid profile done as well as a DEXA scan to check my bone density. We earn points for varius activities, and this goes through mid-April. I'm really excited!!!!

I get points for attending classes at the Payne Center, exercising by myself (on days I don't attend classes), getting my lipid profile and DEXA scan, attending educational meetings, four weeks of food journals, AND weighing in each week. There are even 4 Saturday events that are worth 10 points each!!! Otherwise, the points range 1-5. I won't make all the Saturdays, but I hope to make at least 2 of them. (The first one is while I am out of town.)

I'm all kinds of hyped up about this program. It's Jan 31-April 14. If over the next few weeks you see all kinds of stuff about it, don't be surprised. All of my exercise will count towards this. The only negative that I see so far is that I will be limited to one session of water aerobics a week because the meetings coincide with one of those sessions each week.

I hope to be able to share lots of interesting information from the ed. sessions each week. I make no guarantess since a couple of those are really based on our campus (such as the week that we tour some of the cafeterias), but anything to help others I will post for everyone to read.

Well, I think I'm going to leave it at that today. I will have more about this later in the week I'm sure!

Everyone have a wonderful day/evening/whatever and keep being successful!!!

February Challenge

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for February in the 2007 Challenge. I hope everyone feels confident going forward this year. January has been a wonderful month for our challengers and we can't wait to go forward. We already have some new challengers signed up for February, so don't be afraid to sign up now. And you don't have to do every month if you don't want to. We all understand that life can get in the way, and sometimes we all need a break.

As for your challenge for the month, that's up to you. We all realize that what works for one person doesn't work for another. And people have different problem areas. Some of the popular ideas are journaling you food, exercising X number of times, drinking X number of glasses of water a day, and losing X number of pounds.

In January I exercised three times a week, at least 30 minutes straight. In February I will be adding 2 days a week of strength training to my schedule. Erin said in reply to one of Amanda's posts "Cardio makes you look good in clothes, weight training makes you look good naked." So, that's what I'm going with this month. It's time to get started on the REALLY looking good. I had planned on this before I read the comment, but I think it puts my reasoning for strength training into one nice phrase. In addition to making us look really good, strength training is what also keeps our bones strong as we age. I'll be uisng the book Strength Training for Women to guide me as I move forward with this. After I've followed plans in the book for a month or two I plan to make a review of it for everyone. I just don't feel like doing so would be appropriate before I have followed the program for a while. What I will say in the beginning is that it goes from a basic 4 exercise starter program through three additional levels of advancement. It is also something that you can do at home with a few pieces of equipment, with some gym machine exercises thrown in for gym memebers.

SOO...The point of this post is to make everyone aware that NOW is the time to sign up for February. Make your goal as basic or complex as you wish. And feel free to keep watching us for another month before joining if you want to. Michelle has started this wonderful program for us, and we have some terrific people from all over the world participating. If you want some support in your plan to improve yourself this year, here is a free, fun way to get it. We are all trying to change ourselves for the better, and we would LOVE to encourage you on your way to a better you!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sickly Weekend...

I was sick for the majority of the weekend, but am feeling much better now. I'm ready to get started again BIG TIME tomorrow. I may not visit the gym, but I will do some stuff otherwise!

I have been searching for the arm strap that came with my p3 player case, but to no avail. So...I logged onto e-bay today and ordered one! I think I will like it. And it was only $7!, with shipping and insurance. I can't wait to get it. I hope it gets here soon. I'm ready to start really using it on my walks to work as well as when I decide to walk on the track. And since I hope to soon being able to start the Couch to 5K program, I would like to have tunes.

Of course, having tunes depends on my computer and Zen Mirco cooperating. I can't get the darned think to dock today. Which makes me mad because there is a lot of music I want to remove, as well as music I want to put on it. But I'm going to keep working with it.

I'm not expecting a terrific weigh in tomorrow, but it should be ok. I plan for the next week's weigh in to be much better!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope your week starts off well!

Friday, January 26, 2007


I feel confident today. I was on my way to get coffee this morning when my husband called to tell me that he forgot that his parents were taking us out to eat tonight. At Fridays. So I changed coffee shops mid stride so I could get a non-fat mocha. So I have 21 points left and I think a low point lunch. The hubby is eating Japanese with some friends so I'm having a lean cuisine. Assuming it actually taste good. But I think it will. I THINK it's roast beef or something. I've had it in the work freezer for a couple of weeks so I'm not positive!!! But that should leave me with sufficient points for tonight. I'm thinking of doing their three course meal again. I didn't like the main course I chose last time, but there were others. But I did like the chocolate/angel food swirl cake thing they had. I think I'll have to use a few WA points, but that's fine too. That's what they are there for!!!! I'm hoping to get a walk in considering I'll be eating something fairly quick here. That would be awesome on top of the walking I've already done today.

Well, everyone have a wonderful weekend and keep moving!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I think my day may be about to improve a bit. A coworker had seriously pissed me off, but I am over it. It's amazing what coffee will make you forget...

I planned out my classes for the Summer and Fall semesters. I have advisement in a couple of weeks. For the summer I will be taking Management Information Systems and Fitness Walking. I would like to take Aerobics too, but I don't think that is going to work out. For the fall I will be taking E-Business Application Strategy and Problem Solving in C. I hate school, just so everyone knows. But I promised my parents that I would finish my degree. What is really cool though, one of my coworkers (in another section of itech) is teaching the course in the fall. I wonder if that will help me get a better grade? Probably not though...

My husband is hoping to play in a Dreamblade tourny tonight. Of course, that assumes that three other people show up to play. It's a collectible minatures game that he has taken an interest in. And, of course, none of our friends play. We do have one friend that wants to take it up once he gets his finances straightened out.

If he is going to that, I plan to go to the gym tonight. There aren't any classes I'm interested in tonight (and Belly Dancing was apparently discontinued) but I can sign up for the incentive program AND walk on the track for a while. Much better than walking outside since it is too cold right now. My nose starts running just on my walk to work in the mornings (and home in the evenings). I can't wait to do my belly dancing video this evening. I'm really enjoying it. I keep saying I'm going to do it in the mornings, but I can't convince myself to get out of the bed when the time comes. :) But at least I'm getting it in at night!

My mind got stuck on the craziest thing today. I don't know if other places do this or not. If you go in the regular bathroom stalls in my building (at work) the toilets are set off-center. This seems like a decent idea except that the toilet paper dispensers are hung on the side the toilet is closer to. It makes it VERY uncomfortable for larger people to use those stalls. Luckily there aren't any handicapped people working in our building, so most of us use the handicapped stall if it is empty. And it almost always is when I go. But I was just thinking of how inconsiderate that was. You can barely use the things because you have trouble sitting on the toilet!

Ok, now that I have shared good news and an odd complaint I will leave you alone for the day.

End of the Week

The end of this week can't come soon enough. I'm just ready for a couple of days off. I need a break from work, even if it is a short one. AND, neither of my games are going on the weekend. I'm kinda glad to get a break from those as well.

However, I HAVE to do homework over the weekend, as well as some more work in the apartment. But I got my closet cleaned out earlier the week. We have a stack of empy boxes in the hallway that I managed to get out of there. I am hoping that in the small empty space on the hubby's side (under clothes) I can get some of his mess boxed up and stashed away. I'm trying to keep the middle area cleared out so that I don't have the high-step and lean over stuff so much. But it is awesome to have it cleaned out.

I think I'm doing ok food wise and exercise wise. I have earned a decent number of activity points by walking to and from work. And I think I've been eating fairly well. I just went a bit overboard on Tuesday. But I'm still good for the week.

Well, Happy Birthday Christy!!! I hope that you and everyone else has a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Proud of Myself

I'm a bit proud of myself today. I had only gained a half pound when I weighed in last night. And considering I had been weighing in at 9:30am instead of the usual 5:30pm for the past two weeks I can live with that. Easily.

I've eaten well today. I had fruit for breakfast, a potato from a local deli for lunch, and I've only had water and a 100 calorie pack of Chips Ahoy for a snack. And lunch should be fairly light. I already have 1 activity point today from walking to work. As long as it isn't raining I'll be walking home. I hope to get my Belly Dance video in as well and go to the Payne Center. The school gym has an incentive program where you get stuff for going to the gym. Anything to get me there regularly. I also want to get my husband's membership set up tonight too. And if we go for that, I might can make him walk with me!

Well, I plan to finish the week positively, since I've started it that way. I hope everyone has a perfect week!

Here are a couple of pictures of me and the hubby from May. One of my favorite wedding photos, and the one picture of us from our honeymoon. Both pictures have been retouched by my sister. We forgot the boutineers and corsages at the wedding!

And here is a really bad photo of me that was taken right before Christmas. I've cut my hair and donated it to Locks of Love, and gained weight since the wedding. But that's Life!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Encouragement for my Sister Please!

I know everyone is busy and has tons of blogs to visit already, but if you have a couple of minutes to spare could you drop by my sister's blog and read her latest post? You don't have to leave a comment unless you really have something to say, but I really wanted to do something for her after reading that post. She sounds a bit down and I can't give her a big hug from 3.5 hours away!

100 Things About Me

1. I still claim 5'6, but I think degenerative disc disease has reduced my height.
2. I hate customer service, even if I do work in it.
3. I grew up hating the color purple, but I really like it now.
4. I still hate the color pink.
5. My hubby says that he supports me as I try to lose weight.
6. But he has a tendency to complain when I exercise regularly.
7. And sometimes complains that I don't eat enough.
8. I hate eating at TGI Friday's in Hattiesburg.
9. We eat there regularly because it is my husband's favorite restaurant.
10. I can't eat Japanese or Chinese food.
11. I love Japanese culture.
12. I took Japanese at school.
13. The class was cancelled after my first year.
14. I'm in a size 20 now.
15. I was a size 16 in high school.
16. I love to cook.
17. I hate to cook in my kitchen.
18. I have a SUPER TINY kitchen.
19. I love dragons.
20. I love wizards.
21. I love faeries.
22. I would love to learn a martial art.
23. My doctor won't clear me too.
24. I have a bulging disc in my neck.
25. My doctor has cleared me from 6-month visits.
26. I claim to be on my 3rd trip to Weight Watchers.
27. I have two best friends. My friend Dee and my sister Jackie.
28. They are 10 and 9 years older than me, respectively.
29. I rarely get to spend time or talk to either of them.
30. I have worked for the University of Southern Mississippi full time for just over 5 years.
31. I started as a full time student there in fall 2000.
32. I don't like working with other women.
33. I honestly prefer to work in an office full of men because there is less drama.
34. A little over a year after I transferred to my new office it went from 2 men in the office to only 2 women and the rest men.
35. I hate lingerie shopping.
36. Even if I find something to fit my belly it won't fit my breasts.
37. I don't think this well get easier after I lose 50 lbs.
38. I have no problems with my husband watching porn.
39. I've actually told him to buy porn video games.
40. I'm a serious geek.
41. I'm also into domestic arts and crafts.
42. I would like to learn to knit, but I'm scared.
43. I don't have many clothes that fit.44. This makes me self conscious at work.
45. I've even gained to much weight to wear the department shirts.
46. I hate the current American cartoons.
47. I prefer to watch anime.
48. I don't watch much current tv.
49. There are several shows that I love to watch reruns of though.
50. My favorite show on American tv is The Closer.
51. My favorite current anime is Bleach.
52. My favorite was Naruto but the filler sucks.
53. I can't watch either of these shows in English because the subs suck.
54. I love to read thrillers and suspense novels.
55. I also love gothic romance novels.
56. I love to read Dean Koontz but hate Stephen King novels.
57. I also hate Dean Koontz because he still hasn't finished the Christopher Snow trilogy.
58. Instead of a lingerie party or a bachelorette party I was given a sex toy party.
59. My favorite tv show host is Morgan Webb from XPlay. She's seriously hot AND has a personality.
60. Most of my friends are male. There are three girls in our group.
61. I love to play DnD. It allows me to be a different person.
62. I enjoy playing video games but I seriously suck at them.
63. My favorite video game is Soul Caliber II.
64. It is also the first video game I really played.
65. My parents had an Atari when I was really young.
66. I know I played it, but I don't remember it.
67. I don't remember very much from my childhood.
68. I'm a student in the College of Business at USM.
69. I hate every faculty and staff member in the CoB.
70. I enjoy exercise videos.
71. My husband won't pick up his stuff so I have to clean the living room every time I do one.
72. I'm having trouble losing weight.
73. I think part of the reason is that no one supports the eating right part of it.
74. I enjoy bowling on the Wii.
75. I've never been bowling in real life.
76, I have no desire to actually go bowling.
77. My husband says he doesn't like sports.
78. He never wants to leave his parents house before the game is over.
79. I'm willing to sit through a Nascar race, but I hate football.
80. I really do love my husband.
81. But sometimes I really want to kill him.
82. I've been engaged three times in my life.
83. My readers are the only people I've told about the other two times.
84. My friends refer to my church as Fort God. Some of them don't like the church, but have no reason for it.
85. My church did put up a billboard with three teenage girls on it. One of them is giving a veiw dwon her shirt.
86. Taking that into account I'm not sure I can blame them.
87. I have absolutely no self confidence.
88. I pretend to in hopes that one day I will really believe it.
89. I only have two church going friends. They are the other married couple in our group.
90. I generally don't say what I think.
91. When I do say what I think about something, my friends really make a big deal out of it.
92. I'm very sarcastic. Most people don't take me seriously though.
93. The woman I work with takes things very personally. I have to bite my tongue a lot.
94. I can't cook cookies. My mother couldn't either.
95. I really enjoy reading webcomics.
96. My favorite webcomic is Dominic Deagan.
97. The one I've been reading the longest is Order of the Stick.
98. I can't wait for the Biggest Winner to start at USM.
99. I actually don't know who is in the team I'm in for it.
100. I think that the Challenge Michelle put together will be the best thing I do this year.

And the Week Begins....

So, my week doesn't get the best beginning. But I will work past it.

I did most of the laundry yesterday, cleaned out the main closet (MAJOR accomplishment), took down the Christmas tree, and spent a little time on homework.

And I just got seriously creepted out by a tennis coach. He came in needing help. That's all well in good. Except for the way he kept looking at me. The ENTIRE time. And he was standing next to me for almost 30 minutes. And I'm not dressed for people to look at. I PROMISE. I'm wearing a long sleeve white zip up hoodie. And it's zipped up to the point that you can't see ANYTHING. Even farther than I normally wear it. I still have his laptop. I hope I'm not here when he comes to get it.

I'm expecting about a 2 pound gain when I weigh in tonight. It's not that I haven't done decently this week, but that I had weighed in at 9:30 the past two weeks and am going to be back to my regular 5:30 meeting again. And I will definitely be staying for the meeting. I also hope to get my husband set up at the gym tonight. I lost his form so we'll have to go get another one. Of course, we also have to go shopping, so we'll just have to see what happens!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Weekend!

It was a little busy. We played DnD at the local gaming store. The owner is in our game and was in a really bad mood when we got there. He was having trouble with UPS and Coke. And Wizards. UPS didn't deliver his stuff right, and then when they did make a delivery it wasn't his whole order. And the missing box was one that he HAD to get Friday. Coke hadn't delivered his drinks, and he HAD to have those on Friday. And Wizards messed up his order (costing him a lot of money). And no one was willing to help him. Well, one of my friends finally went to pick up his other box from UPS. And the game slowly helped to pick up his mood a little. And then after the game we talked a little about the Warhammer 40K tourny he was hosting Saturday (He was expecting a dozen players) and helped him set up his tables for it. He was in a good mood before that. He told us that earlier in the day he was planning to tell everyone to get the hell out at 9:00. He is scheduled to close shop then, but it is fairly rare for him to close then. By 9 he is usually in the midst of playing something and lets everyone stay until it is over.

Saturday we decided to play our other game because my friend Dee is off. It was a combat night. The DM, Shay, had planned to have combat AND advance the story, but the combat took up all the time. Our two characters that had made deals with Ravenloft (the plane we are on) got picked up and another character died. I'm kinda glad he died because he has a tendency to go on and on about his characters. But it was a NICE evening. We kicked butt.

Today is all about housework and homework. And probably some exercise. I'm doing laundry and have to spend a good sized chunk of time reading my textbook. I want to try and read the chapter twice before the test. I need to be sure and have a good understanding of the material for the essay part of the test. I plan to make the hubby do the kitchen. It's just unloading and loading the dishwasher and running over the counters with a chlorox wipe. I think he can manage that.

Well, I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend and that the next week goes good for you!

You know you are having a bad day when someone walks into your office and you begin to great them as if they were on the phone.

A girl walked into the Helpdesk Friday morning and I said "iTech Helpdesk this is--Wait, you're not on the phone."

My day did get a little better though. The coworker that I don't care for had taken the afternoon off to paint her new house.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm SOOO not with it today!

I just remembered something else I wanted to share.

Brandi, one of my friends from work, told me yesterday that she could tell I had lost weight and that I was looking really good. It made me happy for the short time.

BUT, and isn't there always one of those, while I was getting ready this morning I was thinking that I really can't tell it. The pair of jeans I was pulling on felt like they had since I got them from her. (And I love these jeans. They're cute!) It made me wonder if she was only saying that because she knew I was working to lose weight. She didn't know me when I lost weight the first time. So she doesn't have a frame of reference for that. And, needless to say, I got myself discouraged. It's followed me into my work day as well. But I think that I am mostly past it. Just a teeny bit left, and it will be gone soon.

I don't think it would have been as bad if I hadn't slept late. I couldn't get any exercise or anything in this morning. And I probably won't have time to do so tonight either. But I guess that's what Saturday is for. Start working hard!

Ok, now that I am done with the negative thinking I am going to go get some work done!

Things are slowing down at work again. They are still incredibly busy, but we do have a few minutes to ourselves in the mornings. And the occassional time to think during the day. And I personally think that it is well deserved.

I worked until 8 last night. I had a lot of calls, and wasn't able to solve all of them. :( But I survived. I'm waiting to see what is in store for us today and next week.

After work, I made a quick call home. Momma has today and all of next week off. So she had gone to spend a couple of days with my sister. I guess I'll have to wait for the weekend to catch her. But that meant that I got to spend some time talking to Daddy. I enjoy m;y conversations with him. We don't talk a lot, so when we do we talk for a while. But we caught up on some stuff and he is going to copy some VHS tapes for me next time I go home. Hopefully we will be able to put them on DVD so I don't have to worry with the VHS player.

THEN, my friend Joe wanted to have gamenight. So I went over to his house to meet him, his wife, and the hubby and play Runebound. It's a pretty fun adventure game. We played the quick version and didn't get to finish it. But that's ok. It ended up in a tie. BUT, I'm happy to say that after a couple of rounds I was doing pretty good. I died my first round, but after that I was good. I leveled 4 times.

As far as the diet, I've been doing good. I have the majority of my WA left pointwise, and I've met my minimum on exercise. Now I just have to make it through the weekend.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Apologies

I thought I would get a normal schedule after I finished my class. Apparently I lied. Today I didn't have time to even breathe. And I am working from home tonight, and am working in the office until 8 Thursday night. I'm seriously hoping for tomorrow night off. But work will be incredibly busy for at least the next week, if not two.

It's been seriously cold here. I walked to work this morning and had to have both my hat AND my scarf. I've never worn one before so I have no clue how to wear it. And it kept slipping. So that was a new experience. It wasn't that bad after work though. I just had the gloves for that walk.

My online class for the rest of the semester, Business Ethics, seems both easy and hard. I have six tests and two essays for that course. And I am getting a serious case of deja vu right now.

I am doing good on the eating and exercising bit for the time being. I hope that I stay as well with it.

Well, I'm off to check on work stuff again. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Update.

I had gained a half pound at the meeting this morning. That wasn't unsuspected though. And I will be doing better this week. I honestly expect a gain next week as well. Not because I don't think I will do well, but because I will most likely be back to going to the 5:30 meeting. But that is ok. If I work hard, I might can manage to stay the same. :)

I have taken my final in my class. I made a 92. I can live with that. It's been so long since I read the material that I was kinda surprised to do that well. The teacher hasn't posted grades to our team projects yet. But even without that I should have an A for the class. So that makes me proud. Unfortunately, for some reason the course evaluation software hasn't switched to spring yet. So I can't evaluate my course. I was supposed to be able to do that one day before the end. Hopefully they will get that fixed soon. I would really like to give my opinion while it is still STRONG.

Well, I'm off to find a lean cuisine and get the hubby to hook up that VCR. Y'all have a great day!!!

I hate not having been around lately. But life has been busy. And not terribly great!

I was planning to catch up on everyone's blogs Thursday afternoon and I had this incredibly long, wonderful post in my head. But the university's network crashed at 1 pm. And it stayed down. THEN, as soon as I walked through the apartment door and pulled out my laptop my boss called. He needed me to come back to work!!! The network came back up for a short time, and I visited a few blogs. But that didn't last. I was still down when I left work at 9:10. Then it was partially up when I got to work Friday morning at 9:30. My husband forgot to put the clothes in the dryer and I didn't discover that until I woke up late. But my boss didn't mind. Then the network crashed and stayed down all day. Because of the problems I haven't taken my final yet. She hasn't opened it back up. She's told us that it will be due on Friday at 5 pm, but she hasn't said when it will open. I hope it is soon because I want to have it over with. I'm probably not going to be able to return the books for full credit with this stuff going on, but at least I can get them in early at the end of the semester for a decent buy back cost!

I don't think our Weight Watchers office is closed for MLK day tomorrow (or Robert E Lee day if you're from a place that celebrates that!) so I plan to weigh in at 9:30 again. Actually, I see that it is already Monday from the computer clock. I didn't realize it was so late (even if my husband is watching Play Mania!). I'm hoping to stay the same.

My friend Dee has loaned me a couple of Belly Dancing VHS tapes. I'm going to make the hubby hook up the VHS in the living room tomorrow. I really want to try these out. I've been looking at some online, and when I told her she offered to loan them to me.

Well, I just wanted to spend a few minutes chatting with everyone. I've visited a few blogs tonight, and I will get caught up tomorrow. I might have to go in to work, but that shouldn't be a big deal. I also will possibly be working a few nights a week in the coming month or so. The bossman is going to be the interim director for our department. And with the beginning of school we are always busy. But I will make some time for y'all. I promise!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reading & Commenting...And Other Stuff

I feel so bad because I haven't been able to read and comment on everyone's blogs as normal these past two weeks. My class has taken more of my time that I had planned on. However, I will be taking the final tomorrow night. That should clear me up to start commenting again! Of course, it might not be perfect for the next few weeks. The beginning of school means I'll be staying busy at work for a few weeks. But that's ok. At least the bosses should appreciate it.

As far as The Challenge, I have done decently this week, considering how busy I have been with schoolwork. And I spent all of last night sleeping. It was nice to catch up on all that sleep. I had only been averaging 4 hours a night.

I think I'm doing ok on the eating, but I'm probably going to keep the rest of the week kinda light. And I am waiting for the school gym to post the new group exercise schedule. I plan to take belly dancing at least one night a week, assuming they offer it again. That's my main reason for waiting somewhat impatiently.

On another note, I now hate doctor's offices. My regular doctor (on paper, I MIGHT see him once a year) was transferred from Hattiesburg to Petal in December. I called his old office today to set up an appointment for a Health Risk Assessment because our insurance company is trying to get people to take them this year. They told me they couldn't take on new patients of his and asked why I couldn't go to his new office. I told them that I wasn't driving to Petal to see a doctor. (It's probably a twenty minute drive to his new office, if you don't catch a train. The main Hattiesburg Clinic, his old office, is a five minute drive from work, ten max from my apartment.) The lady said she would see what they could do and call me in the morning. I'm tempted to go ahead and see if the clinic on campus can do the assessments. I've been seeing one of the doctors there everytime I've been sick for the past year. It's a three minute walk from my office. I just thought I would call H'burg Clinic since they are a full service clinic.
You know, this had me serioudly pissed off at 5 this afternoon. I think my anger has toned down now. It's kinda sad because I did a few really good rants on this earlier. I just don't seem to have another good one left for y'all. I'M SORRY!!!

Well, good luck for the next couple of days everyone. I should be back to something approximating a normal routine after that and will see you all regularly!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Early Weigh In

I weighed in at an early morning meeting since I don't have to be at work until noon. I didn't stay for the meeting though.
So, with the weigh in being SEVERAL hours early, I lost an amazing 1.5 pounds! I'll just have to keep in mind that it won't be so great next week since I will be back to my normal weigh in time. But, I don't care. I'm going to ride this wonderful weigh in for all it's worth!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fridge Update!

Ok. So I cleaned the fridge out a little more. I found all kinds of things that were out of date, and there were a couple of things that JUST went out. AND, just so everyone knows, I'm not finished with my grocery shopping yet. The hubby and I did some tonight, but I'll be finishing it up in the morning. It's mostly stuff to be frozen that I don't have yet.

This is the freezer. I know it doesn't look moch different. I got rid of a few things that we didn't need. The burgers are for the husband. The chicken patties are for both of us when we are in a hurry. I also have some frozen meat in there still. And some of the grocery shopping left includes some lean cuisine meals. There are on sale in one of the local grocery stores.

The top shelf is still similar. I got rid of some out of date stuff here too. But I have 2% milk, and two cartons of 100% fruit juice. I LOVE DOLE! They have some awesome flavors. I got Orange Pineapple Banana and Orange Pineapple Mango I think. And I know notice that I need to fill the water pitcher!!!

Between these two pictures you can see that I have alfalfa sprouts, cheese, and sandwich meat. I have lean turkey for me and ham for the guys. (We have a couple of friends that eat sandwiches at our apartment some during the week.) I also bought salad mix, broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots tonight. Now I can have some salads, and then some veggie snacks at work.

My bottom drawer looks the same. It's all fruity. I normally don't keep quite so much fruit, but we had gotten the bag of oranges. They are so big that they don't have much flavor, but I'll eat them anyway.

The door looks about the same. I got rid of the chocolate syrup, and maybe a couple of other things. I honestly don't remember for sure. I apparently managed to cut off the very top of the door. It still has the Borden 2% cheese. That stuff is super awesome. All the calcium of an 8oz glass of milk and two points. There are also the husband's hot dogs.

My fridge doesn't look as great as some people's but we are seriously broke right now. That's part of the reason I don't have more in the way of veggies. But I have enough to get us to my next paycheck I think.

On other notes, I have finished most of the work for my online class. I just have to do the reading between test times. And wait for her to grade the work. I messed up one of my assignments (forgot to add something) but hopefully she won't count off more than a point or two on it. I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and good luck this week! I will hopefully be back to normal posting and commenting next week!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

School History

In response to Michelle's question about what classes I'm taking I've decided to give everyone a little brief on my school history.
I graduated from North Pontotoc High School, a small county school, as valedictorian in 2000. I had already taken college algebra one summer and gotten an A. So, I decided that I just HAD to be different and go straight to a university. I, being retarded I think now, decided to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. The school that accepted me but would only give me $100 in scholarships. And that was only for one semester. I went into their Honors College which was kinda dumb, but I did enjoy some of the classes. However, in my third semester there I got seriously depressed and nearly flunked out. I then got a job at the university and have only went part time since then.
I am on my 5th or 6th major, but this one will stick. I really like it, even if I haven't gotten to the actual courses for it yet. My actual class hours count me as a senior, but I feel like a freshman in the program because I have so many courses left. Since Jan 2002, only 5 of my grades have not been an A. And I've taken at least 6 courses each year. So I don't feel too bad about that. My non-As are in physics, Spanish, and calculus. Three subjects that I hate.
I'm currently taking Introduction to computers as a minisession courses that ends at the end of next week. I have a 100 average at the moment. I hope to keep it that way. If nothing else, I probably won't be able to drop it below an A.
I'm taing Business Ethics during the regular semester. A lady at school, she's in the office across the hall from mine, gave me the book since she took it last semester. She said I just have to tell her how I do in it.
Well, I'm off now. I have to eat, finish and assignment for class, and be at a team meeting at 4 this afternoon. I'm going to walk to it, so yay me!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

School seriously sucks right now. Hopefully the regular semester won't be quite so bad. We have a whole semester packed into two weeks, and it's hard to get it all done. But I'm doing ok. I'm ahead on my assignments, have stuck us with a scenario, and will hopefully be team leader. I think the team leader has an easier job so it's the one I want.
I have a test I need to take before noon tomorrow, and over 200 pages to read before then. But that's ok. I'll get it ok. And I have an assignment due tomorrow night.

I haven't been doing wonderful on the exercise side, to my mind, but I have meet my challenge for the week. Next week will likely be similar. I'm doing fine on my food too. I have 23 points of my allowance left to last me through Monday. So I'm doing good.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's the Fridge Challenge!!!

As a group mini challenge at Make Yourself a Priority we have been challenged to do the unthinkable. Share photos of the contents of our refridgerators with the blogging world. I've been looking at everyone's fridges and they all look so nice and neat. Mine is nothing of the sort. You can't even see a lot of the stuff in it. And that isn't likely to change anytime soon. Here comes the ugly!!!

There is the door. The hotdogs in the first picture are my husband's. I very rarely eat them. And the cheese is low-fat Bordens. I just love it. In the second picture, the only things that I use often are ketchup and low-fat Portmans Italian dressing. And the chocolate syrup is regular Hershey's. But I actually haven't had any in over a month. It's there for treating myself.

This is the top shelf of our fridge. 100% Dole fruit juice, unsweetened tea, 2% milk, and a couple of bottles of wine are the things that I mess with. Back in the corner are pickles and things. And the Mountain Dew is my husband's. He loves the stuff!

This is the rest of the fridge. Sandwich meat, and onion, wheat rolls, and my husband's dish of chili make up the first shelf. The second has his left over pizza from the other day and a container of peas that is probably too old to eat! The drawer is stuffed full of fruit, mostly oranges. GOOD STUFF there!

This is obviously the freezer door. On the top is an ice back and two corn dogs in a zip lock bag. And the bottom is a selection of frozen fruit, and boxes of butter and margarine. The butter isn't any diet friendly stuff, but it is what the mother-in-law picked up for us right after we got married!

And here is the main freezer. I have bags of frozen chicken (some patties and some I bought fresh) and ice cream that really show up in the picture. The Blue Bunny ice cream, both boxes, is fat free and really good. I don't eat it very often though so it lasts forever. The other box of ice cream is my husband's peanut butter fudge. I haven't tried it. Other items stashed away include a bag of sausage links (the hubby's), a box of corn dogs for when I'm busy and have some points to spend, and a 5 pound pack of hamburger meat for our next group dinner. I think there is also a lot of flavor ice and some meat my mother bought for me hidden away behind the ice cream!

Sorry if anyone is disappointed with my not so neat, and not so healthy, fridge. The husband likes a lot of stuff that I have no problems not touching.

And thanks for coming up with this challenge. I didn't have anything to do in my fridge, but this prompted me to clean out some of my kitchen cabinets tonight while my husband was fixing a camera/computer communication problem with my laptop. There was A LOT of stuff that the hubby had put up there that needed to be thrown away! And maybe our kitchen cabinets would be a challenge for later in the year!

Sleepy Day....

I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. I worked until after midnight on homework. I got most of the way through my 5th project though. I submitted them this morning.
I was still planning to get up and work out, but I decided that doing that on less than 5 hours sleep probably wasn't a good idea. I'm not going to stay up quite so late tonight, just so I can get up and exercise tomorrow.
Today, however, work hasn't been too bad. I finished project 5 and am halfway through Project 6. Projects 6 and 7 are all I have to finish for tomorrow. So I might even get some exercise in tonight, but I'm not really counting on that. The class has a team project towards the end. I'm going to try and finish everything else pretty quick so that I won't be working on that and other stuff come later. I'm already trying to drum up interest in a team for it, so then maybe we can slowly get started on it. Knowing my luck I will end up being elected team captain. That would suck.

In other news...I'm still psyched over this week's weight loss. I really hope I do it again. I think my problem the previous ten weeks could have been not eating enough, because I certianly ate what I thought was too much over the holiday. I just can't wait to see how this month goes. Because I am going to lose some weight!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weigh In

I went to the meeting. And I lost 1.5 pounds this week, for a total of 7.5 over the past 12 weeks. So that was good. The meeting itself sucked. The leader got so caught up in talking to the new members at the beginning that she forgot to talk to us old timers. So I will not be staying for meetings on Tuesdays in the future. I will hopefully, but not likely, never have to attend one because I missed Monday night.

Otherwise, my minisession online class is going to be a serious time whore. So I will be without time for a good sized portion of the next two weeks. So if I don't comment on your blog, PLEASE don't take it personally. I'm still going to try and hit everyone's, but realize that it might not be possible. I have at least 3 hours of work ahead of me tonight just so I can get tomorrow night's work done and submitted. I really shouldn't have taken this course considering I also have to work 40 hours a week. But oh well.

Have a great week everyone!!!

And The New Year Starts

It was honestly supposed to start better than it did. I really did intend to get up this morning and exercise. But we had a lot of company last night (14 people in our tiny aparment!) and some of them were still there when I went to bed after 11. AND I couldn't fall asleep until nearly midnight. So getting out of bed this morning at 5 just wasn't happening. So I'll exercise tonight.
To make up for it, however, I did walk to work. So that's something. And I'll be walking home. AND I'll be walking to lunch because I have to go to B&N and buy textbooks. It might not count as exercise towards my January Challenge, but it will count for something anyway.

Good Luck this year Everyone!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting a New Year, Starting a New Challenge

I'm geared up for this year, and our challenge. I know I will not be getting in a REAL work out today, but I HAVE to finish the living room. And I'm going to finish it good.

We have friends coming over SOMETIME today. Not a clue when. Hopefully, since I got up early, I will have the living room done, some clean clothes to wear, and a bath already. But I just can't wait for them to get here. It's my friend Dee and her family coming. They are our only close friends that have not visited us at our apartment. And her fiance has actually been here a lot. Between her school and work schedule I just never get to see her anymore. But I'm hoping that some of that will change this year.

SO.....Happy New Year everyone, and hope you have a wonderfull one.


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