Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here are a couple of pictures of me and the hubby from May. One of my favorite wedding photos, and the one picture of us from our honeymoon. Both pictures have been retouched by my sister. We forgot the boutineers and corsages at the wedding!

And here is a really bad photo of me that was taken right before Christmas. I've cut my hair and donated it to Locks of Love, and gained weight since the wedding. But that's Life!


Kellie said...

YAY!! A face to put with a name!! And I love the honeymoon pic!! You guys are too cute!!!

Thanks so much !!!

JOY said...

It is lovely to see these pictures and see you and your husband in the flesh.

Don't worry about putting on the weight after your wedding the main thing is that you are doing something postive to change it now!

Gosh but it is tough though! No one knows better than me how tough this is.

Tigerlilly said...

Yeah... now I know what you look like!! ;) I love to see pictures of the people I have gotten to know.... and you are beautiful! I love the wedding pic... and your hair!! How long was it before you cut it? I just did the same thing, but only cut about 12" off, which still left me with long hair!

You asked about the pilates I was doing... its from Gaiam.. and its called Easy Pilates. Its basically a beginners pilates instruction.. but still a nice workout to do at night before bed!

Stay Strong!

Tee said...

How did I miss these pics? I am so happy I got a chance to put a face with the name. You are pretty and your husband is handsome as well.

Thanks for sharing!!!!


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