Friday, March 27, 2009

Beautiful weather!

Ok.  For those not aware, that's a bit of sarcasm.  It's nasty rainy here in Hattiesburg at the moment.  Good thing I don't mind rain.  And that I have no where to be but home.  I would mind being out and about in it.

The University siren went off early in the evening, and we've been on the local tv channel since.  Apparently we're under a tornado watch at the moment.  (At least I think that's what the guy on the tv said.  I haven't paid that much attention!)

I'm just happy that the power only BLICKED earlier.  It hasn't actually went out totally.  We did have a bit of a scare with the tv though.  The picture didn't want to come back with the regular lights!  Luckily everything is fine.  The thought of ANOTHER tv going out at the moment is really scary...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Newlywed Girl, who has an awesome blog, is running a little contest. It's for a really cool personalized necklace.  And she has a great story for WHY the necklace.  It's really sweet.

There are several ways to enter, including giving a small donation to for a charity walk she is doing.

So go check it out.  Even if you aren't interested in the contest, you can show a little love and support!


Ok, so this week has kinda sucked. Sunday night my external hard drive crashed. It's where I stored all my ebooks, a lot of music, all the files for my current DnD character, resumes, old school work, and the backup of my work laptop. And we can't do anything about it. This really pissed me off. But, I should be getting my new external harddrive today. Of course, I will have lost a ton of stuff. But I will get by. I don't really need the old school work. It's about time to do a new backup of my laptop anyway, I can download my ebooks again, my wedding pictures are all on cd SOMEWHERE in the apartment, and I backed up the journal and character sheet for Mori on googledocs. And my current semester of school work was still on my l aptop. The bad thing is that I don't think I have another copy of my resume anywhere. At least Josh should have his around somewhere. And all the downloads I did during Spring Break (with the exception of one) are still on my laptop. I haven't deleted those yet. So, in addition to studying for my Economics exams, I'll be spending the weekend downloading files and moving stuff to my new harddrive. I guess that's not a bad way to spend the time. Now, off to see if I should use the software that comes on it, or format it right way. It's a Seagate FreeAgent, so if anyone has experience with these, let me know what you think!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

And it ends...

Today is the last day of my Spring Break.  I've got the bad luck of ending it on with a headache.  I'm just hoping it doesn't make it to migraine levels, although it's definitely trying.

Today Josh and I are at his parent's house.  We watched The Transporter 3, and I really enjoyed it.  I slept through them watching some stuff that didn't interest me.  Now we're watching Kings, at least I think that's the title of the show.  It's interesting, but not necessarily something I'll try to keep watching at home.

I'm still loving the haircut.  It's lightweight and doesn't require any work.  Very nice.  I love simple.  I might have to keep this one, depending on how I like it after a week at work.  I think that's the real test.  How it works if I'm running late and have to wash it, if I can keep the bangs out of the way, etc. 

Well, I'm off and away!  Here's hoping the headache is gone in the morning!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The New 'Do

I went this afternoon for my haricut, and I am rather pleased. Here you go!

April put in peek-a-boo streaks in a red called forbidden. Since I took the pictures with my cellphone, I don't think you can really see them. She also did the color so I can show off more or less of the red. The streaks are slimmer with it parted as in the picture, but if I do the bangs to the other side, they are bigger and stand out more. I'll have to dig out my camera to try for some better shots.

What's really great, is she didn't really do anything to fix my hair. Just dried it. No curling iron, round brush, no hair products. It does the flips and curls naturally. Now I just can't wait to see what it looks like when I do it myself!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm going to get a haircut on Monday afternoon. I'm excited. I have something VERY different in mind, and several people have told me it's a good idea. Of course, the closer I get to the appointment, the more I get nervous about it. The final decision and execution will really fall to my beautician. If April likes, we do. If April says no, I'll just tell her to do something that she thinks will look good.

When Josh and I went to her house for his haircut this morning, we did talk about my coloring plans. We decided on red streaks. I think it will look awesome, with any haircut. The color will start out kinda stark, but it will fade into my actual hair color. And she said if I think it's fading too quick, she can get me a shampoo with the same pigment in it to keep the color brighter.

I wish my appointment were earlier!!! Oh well. I'll just have to pretend to wait patiently.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok. So any gamers out there are at least a little familiar with Resident Evil and the Umbrella Corporation. You'll also remember, from the game or movies, the container.

Avon had a new product that is interesting. It's supposed to fill in wrinkles, or something like that.

So, what do you think???

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I went to see Watchmen last night. It was a good movie, although I don't think I'll see it a second time in the theater. I wasn't expecting such an Adult movie last night when we went to see it.

While this is definitely a good movie to see, view it before deciding if the kids get to. There are definitely some parts that a few parents would object to letting their kids see. Makes me wonder if they will put out a PG-13 version on DVD...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fan Girl!

This afternoon I'm in fangirl mode. The mailman brought my signed copy of As Shadows Fade by Colleen Gleason. And it is beautiful!

Get a blurb and sneak peak here.

I started reading this series shortly before the second book came out, and fell in love. In this Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Pride and Prejudice series, Victoria Gardella not only has to juggle to whirlwind social life of the ton, but to hide her stakes so she can take out the vampires in the shadows.

And, what paranormal novel, romance or otherwise, is complete without a hot male in the works. Colleen gives us TWO hot and dangerous guys to lust over in this series. And her fans have been divided into two distinct camps on who should win Victoria. In When Twilight Burns Victoria makes a choice, but how will the men really react? This final entry in Victoria Gardella's story promises to be rather exciting.

And, if you buy it this week (it came out Tuesday), Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting another photo contest. He's taking Standard entries (you and the book) and Creative entries (have fun!); and he and Colleen are giving away gift cards to the winners. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick it up and take a picture!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fail Blog

I've been reading today, and added it to my feed reader. But this one was great, and had to be shared.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Been a few days...

I've just been killing time the past few days. I have went to work and to class.

I had a trip to the Gulf Coast Research Lab (a USM campus) yesterday. I ended up hurting my back after slumping down to take a nap on the ride back. It's still hurting a bit today, but I'll get over it.

I had a half pound gain this week, but I'm not feeling bad because of it. I didn't do my best diet wise. And I had a 'skinny' moment before going to weigh in this morning. Ok, so I didn't ACTUALLY feel skinny. But I realized that I felt very comfortable in my skin, and didn't feel FAT. It was a good way to start my morning after sleeping late.

Monday, March 02, 2009

It came today!

IT is the new battery for my MP3 player. I have tunes again! It's been so long since I really used the thing that I'm a bit surprised by some of the tracks. For some reason I have Ride of the Valkaries. Now, I'm willing to admit that it is a wonderful Wagoner piece. I'm a fan of it. But it's not really the kind of thing I would normally put on my MP3 player. Kinda strange. Hopefully I'll be able to get the software installed fairly soon so I can update my tunes list. It's a bit out of date...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another Day, Another Migraine...

Yes, I again woke up with a stupid migraine. Luckily, I'm finally feeling a little better late this afternoon. I decided to check out Netflix for some entertainment this afternoon, and found that they have Xena on the streaming service. It's one of those older series that I can still enjoy watching! A lot of the action sequences are kinda hokey, but I'm enjoying it. I think she is a great heroine, and she is very inspiring when it comes to my journey for a healthier me!


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