Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Huge THANK YOU and Hugs to All

I just have to say thanks to everyone that has been commenting last night and today. Your support has really helped my attitude today. I came in with the new day perspective and said the past week was behind me. But honestly, it was still nagging in there. But everyone's comments have helped me to move on.


New start!

I woke up with a headache, but still managed to crawl out of bed in time to do my Tai Chi and strengthening exercises. I just hope that this headache doesn't get any worse. I need it to get better so I can have a good day.

Monday, October 30, 2006

WI Night

I gained 2 pounds this week. :( But I know I deserved it. This just goes to prove early on that I have to be very deligent every week and every day. I can't lose just because I will it anymore. Damn, I hate this getting older bit! But that's life.

Tai Chi and Strength training first thing in the morning. I enjoyed the Tai Chi exercise this morning, so I can't wait to try it tomorrow! And then Tae Bo in the evening....Not nearly as much fun, but much needed.

WI Day

I weigh in after work today. I feel horrid going in. I just KNOW that I gained this week. There's no way around it. I just didn't do well enough last week. But it's ok. Everyone gains occassionally and I won't let it affect this week in a negative way, nor will I let it affect my frame of mind today.

However, with WI this evening, I'm thinking a salad would be good for lunch. At least that will be fairly light.

I do feel really good about one thing though. I did my 15 minutes of stretch this morning. I only did a quick run through of the Tai Chi though. I know I should have spent at least 15 minutes instead of 5, but I was HUNGRY when I woke up. I just couldn't wait for the food any longer. But I'll do better tomorrow. And tomorrow is strengthening!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

This Week

I did manage to break 2,000 points on PC, but I haven't been as active as I would have liked this week. I strive to do better next week. That's all I can really do. There's no sense in beating myself up over it. This was an abnormal week anyway.

I picked up some fitness books last night. A Morning cup of Tai Chi, A Morning Cup of Stretching, and A Morning Cup of Strengthening. I'm planning to use these for morning workouts. Maybe my days will be better if I get a little activity in when I wake up.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, October 27, 2006

25 Years!

Well, today is my 25th birthday. And I'm sitting at work. But that's ok because it was my decision. I could have taken off if I really wanted to.

A couple of people in the office wished me a happy birthday. I thought that was cool. Guys (in my experience) have some trouble remembering that kind of thing. I told my boss that I ordered the rain up special just to make everyone suffer. :) I was actually a bit disappointed by the rain though. I had left both of my umbrellas in the car last night.

Josh bought me Kinetic. It's an exercise game for the PS2 that utilizaes the Eye Toy. I think it will be fun, although it will probably be a bit difficult to. But that's ok. I'll try it out tonight or tomorrow. It'll be something fun to add to by list of work out options.

Well, as much as I don't mind a rainy birthday, I wish it hadn't come with the tornadoes. They aren't a great present!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weight Watchers Community

I have been prowling the WW messages boards this week. They are very supportive. I haven't posted a lot, but it's fun to read, and try to give some support when it's needed. Since I've done WW in the past, I'm not a full-fledged newbie. I like that because I can give other newbs advice. :)
Also, I know I will need some support someday. And I know all these lovely people there will help me out then.

Anyway, just wanted to give a plug to them. They've helped me get through this week at work.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tonight's Workout Plans

Well, the Tae Bo idea didn't work out well. My knees just weren't up to it tonight. After 15 minutes I wanted to cry. It's disappointing.

However, I did put in a lot of weight training instead. I feel better for that, even if it isn't the work out I wanted. And I have managed 1197 points on PC the three days this week. Tigerlilly's suggestion is looking like a possibility...

Lack of Exercise

I had so much trouble getting up this morning. I know some of it was just not wanting to go to work. (I SERIOUSLY considered coming in a little late.) But I think it was mostly this week's lack of structured exercise. I've gotten a lot of activity in the past couple of days, but none of it was really structured. It was all just hte by product of being incredibly busy. And I sat on the couch all last night because we had company.

Tonight that changes. I have no commitments outside of home (with the exception of driving a friend home after work.) I was planning to cook, but there are enoguh left overs from last night to just open veggies. I'm going to do my Tae Bo video, and maybe some time on Yourself! Fitness if I still feel like it. And I KNOW that I will feel better tomorrow because of it.

And thanks for the comment Tigerlilly. I haven't had a wonderful morning, so that really picked up my day!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Goal Revision

I think I may have to revise my activity goal a bit. It's only Tuesday and I already have 774 points on PC. It's cool that I have the points collected and all that, but it means I won't have much to work for after tomorrow. One session of Tae Bo will put me over 1,000.

I guess my new weekly goal will have to be 1,500 points.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Walking for Life

The Walk this evening was great. Ms. Sumrall, a lady at the university, said she thought there were a lot more people this year. I know there sure were a lot of us! I got a t-shirt and a waterbottle. And I walked in memory of my grandmother. It was nice to wear that sign on the back of my jacket.

Between that walk and the shopping this evening I put in 456 points on PC. I don't start counting activity points until tomorrow, but it would have been 10 if I was doing that today. WOW. The majority of the evening was spent walking around. But it was worth it.

I also stayed within my points today, so I'm proud to say that I had points left in my allowance this time!

Weigh In Complete

I went to weigh in at noon. Lost 3 pounds!!!!!!! That's 5.5 total! AND that's after overeating some this week. I'm so happy! I think I'm floating. :)

And I have planned out the dinner schedule for this week, so hopefully I will stay fairly well on track.

Weigh In Day

I am going to weigh in during lunch today so I can make it to the walk after work. The walk actually starts at 5:30, so I can't manage my normal Weight Watchers meeting. But that's ok. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, although I'm a bit hungry. I was running late and didn't get breakfast in.

Normally, I would eat something here, but I can't really get anything point friendly. So I'm just holding out with coffee and water and waiting to eat until after I weigh in.

And I'm REALLY looking forward to the Walk for Life. The proceeds go to the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. If anyone in the area is interested, the entry fee is $10 and registration starts at 4 pm at The Dome on the USM Hattiesburg campus. The foundation supports breast cancer awareness programs. Even if you don't have breasts, you know and love someone who does!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I think I did fairly well even with the family get together this weekend. I only went a few points over yesterday, and still have several points left in my allowance.
Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm looking forward to it. I pre-registered for a Breast Cancer walk tomorrow on campus. I have to check and be sure I can weigh in and get to the walk in time. I hope it is registration at 5:30 and not the walk. That would make my day kinda suck. I'll have to find out in the morning. I REALLY hope it works out that I can manage both!

Oh, and I managed 1,563 points on PC!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, I'm about to head out for the weekend. I walked to and from work (15 minutes one way) and did a 15 minute flexibility session on Yourself! Fitness. I figured that would be a good way to balance the long drive. Hope everyone has a successful weekend. Mine might be a little tough because I only have 16 points of my allowance left. But that's ok. I'll make it. That or I'll go jogging for a few miles! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goal Met!

Ok. I have now earned 1063 points on President's Challenge for the week. And today was only day 4! Tonight's Tae Bo work out threw me over. And I have to do at least 30 minutes another day just to get my star. I'm proud of myself. I might just do that as a walk. As a matter of fact, I might just walk to work tomorrow. That would get it in no problem. And I'm only working until lunch, so I don't need the car to take my coworker home. Yay! Plans are made!!!!

Weekly Goal Progress

My goals for this week have been to lose at least one pound during my weight watchers week and post at least 1000 points for my President's Challenge week.

While I can't make any guarantees on meeting my goal weight, I only lack 248 more points on President's Challenge. Even with me spending the weekend at my parents' house that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm considering trying to find out the difference between my home scales and weight watchers so I can weigh mid-week and see if I'm doing well. But I'm not sure if I really want to do that or not. We don't have a place for me to leave the scale out, so I have to recalibrate it each time I weigh on it. I know that will be fine when it comes to maintaining my weight loss, I'm just not sure how well it would work now.

Anyway, I feel really good being so close to my activity goal this week. Even if I hit the 1000 really early, I am going to keep trying to hit 30 minutes of activity each day. But it will be great if I don't have to REALLY concentrate on that this weekend.

I feel really good this morning after my workout last night. I sleep WONDERFULLY! Unfortunately, I sleep through my alarm clock.
I got up at 6:45, and I normally get up by 6:15 at the latest. But I still left the apartment in time to do everything I had to do this morning.

I said I was hurting about around my bulging disc last night. Today's there's only a slight ache centered right around it. That pleases me greatly. As for what happened to it, never figured that out. I just finally went to the doctor after several years of pain. It's something I've had trouble with since I was a teenager. But last year my doctor released me from my quarterly visits. She told me to just call and leave a message for her nurse if it started bothering me again. I still get some occasional pain, and even the occasional bad headache from it. But I can live with that. As long as it isn't constant! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Work Out

I tried out my Tae Bo Fat Blaster work out tonight. It's my first time at Tae Bo. I'm pleased with how I did even if I didn't do the whole thing. I did everything I could out of it. And with the exception of some pain in the muscles around my bulging disc, I feel pretty good. I knew a good work our would make me feel MUCH better.


I'm feeling defeated today. And I'm not really sure why. I felt fine this morning. I didn't follow through with my lunch plans. I'll admit to that. But I like the way I have rearranged things to handle that. It's my second day of week 2 at Weight Watchers. I shouldn't be feeling defeated right now. Coming off last week's loss I should still be on cloud nine. Maybe I just didn't get enough exercise yesterday....I'll get some tonight.

Monday, October 16, 2006

And the news is...

2.5 pounds lost! YAY! I actually lost weight. I'm so happy. I also taught another lady how to use her points finder before the meeting started. I think I'm going to try and keep up with her and the two girls she started with. They were interesting and we are in similar boats.

Oh yeah, when I went back and really thought about what I did yesterday and entered it on President's Challenge, I did manage 1000 points there last week.

My goal for this week is to enter 1000 points on PC, lose another pound, and drink all my water.

Weigh In Day

I did perfectly AWFUL this week. It doesn't help that I was sick part of the week, had Homecoming (complete with traditional tailgating) on Saturday, and a wonderful visit by TOM.
I just KNOW that I actually gained weight this week. It's a pitiful way to start Weight Watchers. But I KNOW that I will do much better this week and have a loss by next Monday.

Friday, October 13, 2006

President's Challenge

I think I said in an earlier post that I had signed up on presidentschallenge.org. I did this more as a way of keeping up with my activity than anything else. But, over this week, I have really enjoyed being able to put some time into it. One day I didn't even put in a full thirty minutes, but it was still exciting to be able to put something in. And it's fun to see the points stack up.

I've always been impressed that we have a president that is so active right now. Whether people like Bush or not, he is a role model for the country. I think the President's Challenge program is a great initiative in our dangerously overweight country. We need to make a change at a national level, and make it something that is easy for anyone to participate in. This program has done that.

The only thing is, I don't think they have put enough effort into marketing this program. Sure, it's free to sign up for the program. And they keep the awards at a cheap price if you want to purchase them. But not enough people are aware of this program. I had to go to Weight Watchers to find out about it. I did a check to see how I compared against people of my age in my city, there was one other person that fit the criteria. You think that something like this would be marketed well to college areas. It's important to teach activity at a young age to people. The habits that these kids set in college will likely stay with them for years.

I also like that you can create groups on President's Challenge. I just hate that there isn't a group for me to join in my area. It would be nice to be able to join some people in being active. And I'm competitive enough for that to make me aspire to even higher heights. But I don't feel comfortable creating a group at this time. But if I don't find a group in the next few months, maybe I will gain the confidence to create one. Since I found out about this at Weight Watchers, I could always try to start a group with people there.

Anyway, this long spiel actually started simply because I wanted to post a goal. I have a goal to earn 1,000 points a week on the site. That really shouldn't be TOO difficult. It's only 40 minutes of moderate walking a day. And you can post in as little as 5 minute incriments if you need to. So far I have 605 points this week. I'll have to be a little more active this weekend to reach that goal this week, but not worries if I don't. I refuse to belittle myself if for some reason I am unable to get in the activity one week. I can only accept what I am able to accomplish and strive to do better.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers last night. And I WILL work the program. And I intend to have fun doing it.
I weighed more than I thought I did, but that's ok. It just means that I will have to work in more smaller goals that I would have if I didn't weigh as much. Of course, it also means that I get to eat more right now too!

I also went to presidentschallenge.org and signed up. I need to be active for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. I don't think that will be too difficult. If I weren't enjoying driving a rental car so much right now walking to work and home again would take care of everything for me. But tonight I have to go shopping so that will be a good bit of activity.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Journey

Well, I've spent the entire weekend sick, and still feeling kinda bad. But here I am at work today. I think I did pretty good on eating this weekend. Everything I ate was healthy (even if I did include a little chocolate in my diet) and I don't think I really went overboard either.

I tried the Special K thing this morning. I didn't really like the cereal and couldn't finish it though. I think it might just be because I'm still feeling bad though. I missed work because I was sick Friday. Hopefully it's nothing major though. And hopefully I can sleep it off tonight! I tired of feelign yucky.


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