Monday, October 23, 2006

Weigh In Day

I am going to weigh in during lunch today so I can make it to the walk after work. The walk actually starts at 5:30, so I can't manage my normal Weight Watchers meeting. But that's ok. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, although I'm a bit hungry. I was running late and didn't get breakfast in.

Normally, I would eat something here, but I can't really get anything point friendly. So I'm just holding out with coffee and water and waiting to eat until after I weigh in.

And I'm REALLY looking forward to the Walk for Life. The proceeds go to the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. If anyone in the area is interested, the entry fee is $10 and registration starts at 4 pm at The Dome on the USM Hattiesburg campus. The foundation supports breast cancer awareness programs. Even if you don't have breasts, you know and love someone who does!



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