Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another One

So, today was yet another weigh in morning when I was CONVINCED I gained.

Instead, I lost another 2.5 lbs. That puts me at a 35 lb loss, another star on my bookmark when I get home, and a weight I haven't hit yet.

My goal for March is to get into the 100s and STAY THERE. Although, I won't be too terribly disappointed if I don't manage to stay there. I know that I do bounce around a lot in every 5 lb block before it fully goes away.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weigh In

I was floored this morning at WW. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hoping for a maintain this week. (The idea of weight more than I started the year out at was in the very back of my mind bugging me a bit.)
I lost 3 lbs. That's almost all of my gain from the previous week, AND it puts me at a .5 loss for the month. So I'm still on track for my hopes of posting a loss every month. I hope I can keep this us.

And, there will be an amazing sky tonight. Check out the details and make some time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Been Away Again...

I've been away from my blog for a few days because I got disgusted with myself. While I was working on recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed I managed to gain back all the weight I had lost this year! Errr.... I know it's mostly from being so limited on what I could eat. And I haven't let it get to me a whole lot, just enough to not want to discuss it!

If I've maintained this week I'll be thrilled, to be honest. I still haven't had the best diet, and I haven't gotten in much exercise either, to be frank about it. But, this week I'm back to walking to work again. And while my jaw and all is still sore, it's nothing like it was. So if I'm feeling like it, I might hit a bike at the gym tonight. However, I have my first sociology test tomorrow at 5pm, so I will probably just go home. But I'll be get in a decent amount of walking by going home for lunch and walking for a couple of other errands I have in the area. And if Josh isn't around I just might pop in Yourself!Fitness and start that over again. It's been so long since I did it I'm going to start from scratch I think instead of using my previous profile.

I had an essay due in my sociology class yesterday. I got out my laptop to do my research on it at 9:30 Sunday night. The one source I had found previously and liked, I couldn't find again. I had told the site to send me a link to it, but the link was broke when I pulled up the e-mail. I worked on it until 1:15 Monday morning, and spent a couple of hours at work yesterday afternoon proofreading and doing a bit of revising. I have a feeling that this might end up being my drop grade for the essays. But who knows, maybe I will have done better than I think. Luckily, I take awesome lecture notes, especially in this class, so I should be good for study material tonight. And I feel good about the notes I take because I was able to send the document (I type my notes after class, Yes, I am a geek...) to an old neighbor who has missed more class than she made it to so far. She's having some health problems, and luckily the prof is going to work with her on the first essay and most likely the test. I was happy she got suck good news from him on that. He appears to be an awesome guy. I just need to start working on his essay assignments earlier!

Well, it's almost time for my lunch break. I should probably get a tad bit of work done. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Joy sent this to me this morning and I thought I would share it with all y'all.
Sorry I haven't been really blogging lately. I just haven't really felt up to it lately. I have been going to a lot of blogs and reading though, even if I haven't been leaving many comments.
So, I'm sorry if y'all miss my posts and comments. I promise I haven't jumped off a bridge, just haven't felt all that talkative lately. (Something about my continuing pain drama from the oral surgeon maybe...)

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Thanks to everyone for all the get wells and such. To be honest, it's been downhill since my last post. The pain pills the doc gave me are a joke. They don't even begin to touch the ache in my jaws. I can honestly say that my back doesn't hurt though!
Yesterday the hubby and I drove up to my sister's for my niece's birthday party. My brother-in-law let me take some of his pain pills since mine weren't working. I didn't hurt very much after that. Too bad the doc didn't give me that prescription!I can honestly say that I have been incredibly grouchy lately. I actually surprised some of my family. Not only because I was actually there yesterday, but because I wasn't killing anyone. I was on my best behavior while there.
Now I'm back home and I'm going to let how I'm feeling out a bit. I really for sorry for my hubby. He's been really good putting up with me.
Well, I'm off to be grouchy for a while. Y'all have a great rest of the weekend!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

And it's done

The surgery wasn't too bad. Josh and I got to the office before any of the employees. So we sat in the car for about ten minutes then went in. I was a bit sleepy. I normally try to be for things like this. Makes me go under quicker. It's not uncommon for me to fall asleep BEFORE I'm given the sleepy stuff.
So, I talked to the nurse, and to Dr. Thames for a couple of minutes. He's the best at giving an IV that I've experienced, even if he did want to do it at the elbow. (I perfer my hand.)So I dozed off and they did whatever. I do remember them covering the top of my head and eyes.
I woke up while he was working on the last one. I remember him telling the nurse that it was always the last one that was the most difficult. It felt kinda funny whatever he was doing. Then I dozed off to let them finish. I'm not sure if he even knew I woke up. (I wake up during my RFDs when I get them too! They feel really funny and it amusing the doc!)
So, they wheeled me out to the car. I think I amazed the nurse when I pulled out my book afterwards and started reading while we watched for Dr. Thames to come back out and talk to me before letting me go.
I had a couple of prescriptions to pick up so Josh and I went to Wal-Mart and went window shopping while we waited. I was surprised by how cheap that visit was. It was kinda funny trying to tell me info to the pharmacist considering I had gause in my mouth. But I got the rest of my niece's birthday present, ice cream, and a movie to watch later.I have to keep ice on my jaws for 12-24 hours. Thank goodness I finally got a scarf last year or that would be a little difficult.

Anyway, I think I might take a nap now. I didn't sleep very well last night! Y'all have a great day.

Today is the day!

I'm so nervous this morning. I have to be at the oral surgeon's office at 7:45, and I don't really want to go. Why can't my wisdom teeth just magicly disappear from my mouth? That would make life better. The only good thing about this is two days off work, although I'm not going to really enjoy them!I think I would rather just stay home and pretend I got it done. Too bad the dentist would kick my butt if I did that. And he's bigger than me so I guess I do have to go through with it.Well, off to get ready! Y'all have a great day!

And Joy, I better not hear that you skipped your appointment either!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today's Update

I lost another pound! I was happy. I wasn't really expecting anything that nice. That puts me at 1 pound for February, 3.5 for 2008, and 33.5 total lost. I'm feeling good about this.

What did I do this week that helped? I tracked. I have my food and activity written in my WW journal for every day last week. I didn't get much exercise in, but I did get in a little. I had 8 flexies left at the end of the week. I feel great about that. It means if I miscalculated something during the week there were a few points left to account for it.

I signed up for the Biggest Winners program at school again. There wasn't a great turn out this time. One team signed up, and 9 individuals signed up for the program. That's only 14 people total. But I'm honestly doing it for the body fat calculations and measurements at the beginning and end of the program. Afterwards I might have to see what it costs to just get them to do that. Then not do the program again. Just pay to get the measurements done every 3-4 months. It's the body fat analysis that I'm really interested in from them. (Technically, I CAN do my own measurements!) And the program costs $50 each time.

Well, off to do the work thing maybe. Y'all have a great week!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've started getting nervous about going to the oral surgeon on Thursday. It's funny, I never get nervous about my epiderals. (And the doctor told me that if he messed up on that I might not walk again!) So why am I so nervous about getting my wisdom teeth cut out?

I have no clue. I'm just doing my best not to think about it since I'm having issues apparently. I really want this over with!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I've finally seen some signs of progress, and I am THRILLED!

Yesterday I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear to the inlaws' for the Super Bowl. I was standing in my closet and decided that while I was thinking about that I would see how much more I had to lose to fit in my size 18 capris.

I tried them on at the end of November. One pair was given to me by a friend and the others I had bought at Thanksgiving (yes, a size smaller than would fit then. They didn't have them in a 20!) I had about a 1.5-2 inch gap when I attempted to fasten them.

So, I pulled out one pair to see what the gap looked like now when I pulled them togather in an attempt to fasten them. Surprisingly enough, no gap! I was able to fasten them. While standing up. Without sucking my gut in as far as possible. I contined to try on two pair of size 18 khakis that were laying in the same stack. It had been even longer since I tried these on. They both fit as well. One pair I'm leaving out of the rotation because the zipper likes to unzip itself and these pants are a little tight. The others I wore yesterday. It was nice to find I could wear them now. Especially considering I haven't felt successful on the weight loss front lately. They are still a tad tighter than I like, but they fasten and I can breathe. It's a nice feeling. I still have two or three more pair of khakis in that size that I didn't try on. I might try them tonight...

Friday, February 01, 2008


I haven't made it to the gym at all this week. I've been a bit sick, and I'm trying not to overwork myself. I've driven to work everyday, but I did walk at lunch today to do some errands.

I'm planning a slow weekend to help me get over whatever has me sick. I'll just stick around home. This will probably be a good thing. I need to do a fair amount of homework this week. And some laundry!

I hope that everyone is doing well, and sorry for the somewhat short and boring post. Have a great weekend!


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