Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today's Update

I lost another pound! I was happy. I wasn't really expecting anything that nice. That puts me at 1 pound for February, 3.5 for 2008, and 33.5 total lost. I'm feeling good about this.

What did I do this week that helped? I tracked. I have my food and activity written in my WW journal for every day last week. I didn't get much exercise in, but I did get in a little. I had 8 flexies left at the end of the week. I feel great about that. It means if I miscalculated something during the week there were a few points left to account for it.

I signed up for the Biggest Winners program at school again. There wasn't a great turn out this time. One team signed up, and 9 individuals signed up for the program. That's only 14 people total. But I'm honestly doing it for the body fat calculations and measurements at the beginning and end of the program. Afterwards I might have to see what it costs to just get them to do that. Then not do the program again. Just pay to get the measurements done every 3-4 months. It's the body fat analysis that I'm really interested in from them. (Technically, I CAN do my own measurements!) And the program costs $50 each time.

Well, off to do the work thing maybe. Y'all have a great week!


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yay, Cory! Congrats on your loss. :D

Fatinah said...

You are so rocking it lady! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

jodi said...

congrats on your loss, what a great grand total so far... keep it up! :o)


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