Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

I had thought about doing something neat and all halloweeny on my blog today, but I don't have time. I have a test this afternoon and I haven't even finished the test review yet!

For halloween I'm either a gamer girl or a poor college student. I'm wearing jeans and a Capcom t-shirt. And I'm carrying a wireless PS2 controller. I decided it would work since I don't play that many console games. I'm more into DnD and similar stuff.

I went to weigh in this morning and had lost another pound. I got another 5 pound star. I've hit 30 pounds gone finally. That made my day!!! I was really expecting a gain. (Especially when I showed up in jeans! Even if they are light-weight!)

So, what is every one else doing for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Birthday!

I really enjoyed my birthday weekend this year. Friday night Josh took me to eat at Logan's. I had a big steak, margaritas, and a fudgeslide for dessert. I ate too much, but oh well. I don't care! Then we went to the gaming store and watched some friends play a game of Talisman. I didn't play because I wasn't actually plannning to stay for the whole thing. Then again, the game was unusually short as well.
Josh gave me a throw that I wanted and a stuffed squirrell. I love my squirrell.
Saturday night Josh and I went to see Resident Evil: Extinction. I loved it. It was awesome. I kinda want to try out Alice's hairstyle from the movie, but Josh has informed me that it is TOO SHORT. Not that I'll be cutting my hair anytime soon anyway.... Then we went and picked up our friend Chuck and went to see 30 Days of Night. I didn't care for it as much. It was ok, but not great.
Sunday night we went and bought Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii. Josh beat it on Medium last night. I haven't beat the first song on easy yet. Then again, I've barely played GH at all.
Monday I went to class then went back to bed. It was a nice day off work. I found out I made a 101 on my programming test. The two questions he marked off weren't the ones I thought I missed. Stupid mistakes on a couple of multiple choice questions. I did actually miss one of the ones I thought I did, but he didn't count off on it. I got closer than most of the class did. And I got the bonus question. So I still have my A in that class.
I meant to do a lot of homework on Monday. (Take note of the lack of homework mentioned over the weekend. It's because I didn't do any!!!) I did my MIS assignment that was due today, but nothing else. I'll be working on my test review for MIS today because I have that test tomorrow afternoon. Not a very exciting day, but work has been slow enough that I have gotten a little of it done. I'll be doing MIS stuff all day with the exception of my fitness walking class.

I'm not really looking forward to weigh in in the morning. I think I gained again this week. I know I say that every week. I think it every week too!!! However, this time my pants feel tighter than they did last week. I won't let a gain get to me though. I was sick and in bed a lot of the past week with my respiratory infection. (I feel a lot better, but still not 100% yet!) And I REALLY ate too much Friday night. What's life without some celebrations though, right. So far I'm really enjoying being 26. So I won't let a gain on my first weigh in at this age be a big deal. It happens to us all.

Y'all have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks for all the get well wishes from everyone! I appreciate them.

I am, in fact, feeling better now, although I'm still not 100%. Hopefully I will be by next week.

I am still sore from my fitness walking class on Tuesday. She had us walking, doing lunges, inadequate stretches, stairs, squats, more stairs, more walking, and then ab work. My legs HURT. Even yesterday I still had trouble sitting down. Not so bad today, but I think that's because I have a higher chair at work. Oh well. I will go back on Tuesday. I skipped yesterday since I was still sick.

I had a programming test this morning. Instead of forgetting everything I ever knew about C I only forgot everything I ever knew about loops this morning. If all is well I got a B on this one. I'm fairly certain I missed two of the 5 point questions. Oh well.

I'm excited about my birthday this weekend. I have NO plans except eating out for dinner one night and getting homework done. I have to get a LOT of homework done.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weigh In Day

Lost 1 lb. Just wanted to let y'all know.

Even sicker this morning, but I'm still at work. I go to the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully they will give me something that will make me better! (I had another basically sleepless night. Can't handle many more of these...)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Day, Another Torture

Yeah, still sick. Actually a bit worse today. Oh well. I go to the doctor tomorrow. At least I managed to sleep last night! Always a good thing. :)

Not much else to report really. I just finished a book I'll be posting a review on in the next few days. I have to decide what I want to say about it. I'll also be going to the library tonight to pick up Lick of Frost. They called today to tell me I could pick it up. I'll probably review it over the weekend.

I supposedly have a test on Friday for Programming. No clue what's on it. Hope he tells us tomorrow.

Not expecting happiness at weigh in tomorrow morning. Mostly just not expecting it because I feel crappy. Makes me pessimistic! :) Maybe it will be a happy pick me up weigh in though. It won't get me down if it's a gain though.

OOOOOH! Almost forgot. My new bluetooth headset came this morning. I picked it up at lunch because Josh had plugged it in to charge before he left for work. Called Mom on my way back to work and she said she could hear me just fine on it. So unless something happens, seems like a got a decent headset. It's a refurb, but that's ok. Josh and I each got one for a total of $24.99. Can't complain!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday's Suck!

It's because I'm still sick. Otherwise I would probably be ok with today. After to a few people around town, I can expect to be sick for up to a month. Lovely. Sounds like great plans for my weight loss. LOL. If I stay like this I'll be doing the bare minimums for a while on the exercise front. Then again, if I stay like this I won't feel like doing much. So maybe I'll get my homework done. LOL
The DnD game this weekend was fun. My lovely warmage got knocked down to 1 hit point. That was fun. I shouldn't have taunted the powerful bad guy with spells when not of the melee characters could reach. LOL. It was fun though. I still don't have her completely leveled though. I'll HAVE to finish that before the next game. My friend Dee doesn't have her character sheet straight either so I don't feel too terribly bad.
Last night the inlaws took Josh and I to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. They'll be a cruise when my birthday actually rolls around. It was a fun trip out. It was the only thing I did all day too. Ate too much, but it was all I ate all day as well so I don't feel bad about it. :) Other than the tummy ache.
I'm trying to decide if what I've got is a sinus infection or a head cold. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon, so I'll see how things are then. :) She can tell me what she thinks, and tell me if I need drugs. I hope I don't need much in the way of drugs. I'm kinda broke with it being bill time! I didn't get very much sleep last night because I couldn't breathe if I laid down. I spent most of the morning sitting in the recliner. I hope it's not the same way tonight. I'm going to try a nap after work, that should give me an idea of how to plan the evening. The recliner isn't very comfy for sleep, so it's possible I'll have to work out something else that keeps me fairly upright. Any ideas???

Hope everyone else is doing great. By the way, go check out this blog. The Veggie Paparazzi decided to come out of hiding behind her laptop. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I hate being sick, but then again, doesn't everyone? I woke up yesterday with a little bit of a sore throat. It's worse today. I hope it decides to go away soon though. I don't like head colds. I'm have a little bit of the sniffles today, too. I HATE BEING SICK!

I installed OneNote 2007 Thursday night. It looks awesome! And I'm going to start putting in my DnD character sheet after I finish this post. A'Lyni Starfield is an elven fighter warmage. I'm thinking about the possibility of giving her a prestige class (force mage) but haven't really decided yet. It would broaden her spell selection a little, I think. But it's not happening right now, so no biggie.

Josh has decided he wants to start painting minatures, and has spent a fortune recently on paint and supplies. I hope he actually keeps this one up. I picked up a cute 5x7 cross stitch package to do. I'll probably start it next week. I think it might help with anxiety a bit. Maybe. Or make it worse. Guess we'll just have to see, huh?

Well, off to play with the new software! Talk to y'all later!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I hate fall break. I really do. I would probably love it if I didn't have to work. We have NOTHING to do. I wrote my next program for my C class. That went MUCH quicker than I expected. I've read so many blogs that I don't want to ever look at my laptop screen again. I've done as much of my C worksheets as I can without my textbook. I've ensured that my new software is waiting at the apartment for me when I get home. Too bad Josh wouldn't bring it to me at the office! (Of course, I didn't ask him too either. So I can't really complain. I wouldn't expect him to go that far out of the way. It was enough that he went ahead and picked it up at the office so we wouldn't have to rush there after work.) And I'm procrastinating on my MIS homework.

I have my discussion questions due on Tuesday that I could be working on. I even have that textbook with me. Too bad I can't get interested in the topic. I could read the book I brought with me, but I don't feel like getting it out. Too much trouble. Sadly, I actually WANT to do the programming worksheets. But I missed the class where he went over this stuff. I only have 4 questions left, but haven't found enough info online yet to help me figure out the answers. I KNEW I should have brought that book with me today!

Anyway, I would REALLY love to have my new software. I ordered OneNote 2007 and it was delivered today. I get to install it tonight. I'm going to put my DnD character in it instead of keeping it on paper for the time being. I've erased enough that I'm having trouble reading everything, and I generally do custom character sheets. This wonderful lady is put together in a spiral notebook, and takes up over 10 pages because I put in the spell particulars so I would rarely need to look up a spell during a game. It takes me a while to get a sheet done this way. On the computer it is a little easier. And I really want to play with my new software.

Anyway, I just felt like posting another thing today since I had nothing to do. I think my phone has rang 5 times all day, and I've had 2 walkin customers. I wish they wouldn't make us work these two days....

I'm feeling better today. My head still hurts a good deal, but nothing like yesterday. So I'm back at work doing the boring thing! :)
It's Fall Break today and tomorrow at the uni so I have next to nothing to do, workwise. Just the occassional phone call.
Thanks for all the comments yesterday. Those made me feel great when I found this them morning.
I've done a lot of blog reading the morning, but I'm gonna take a break from it for the moment. I have a program due Wednesday, and I want to try and get a good deal of it done today if I can. At least half, if possible. Then I can worry about the rest over the weekend. I really need to have it done my Monday. Or at least as far as I can get without asking questions. Matthew told his our last question opportunity on it would be Monday. And that this was a difficult program that we would not get right the first time. Then proceeded to give us a chunck of the code. Which is good, because I didn't have a clue what he wanted us to do on this thing. Now that I know the basic premise, I can start attempting to get the code done. I hope it isn't too terribly difficult. But I should be finding out soon. And when it starts to make my head REALLY hurt, I'll stop and read some of Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning. I picked it up Monday and have barely started on it!
I'm going to a small portion of a Pampered Chef party at lunch. I'll probably read or something for the first half of my lunch, then hit the party when it starts. Don't know if I'll buy anything, but she said she would be having snackies. So hopefully there will be enough for me to get a little bit of lunch in. :)
Y'all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weigh In

I had lost .5 lbs this week. No clue how I managed that, but it's nice.
I have a major migraine this morning, so this will be short. I came to work, and have been ordered to go home after class if I'm still feeling bad. I started feeling bad last night.
My fitness walking class is going to be a chore. I have a two page paper two page paper to write, and she is going to have us do activities other than walking, such as kickboxing and weight lifting. I hope she warns us before weight lifiting day so I can change my schedule to participate.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just the words

I wish I had the pictures though! I did the family visit weekend. Drove up to see the parents and then visited my sister on the way back. Took some great pics of the girls with my phone. If I get the download things working I'll post them here. Hopefully I can!
I've gained weight this week. This isn't me being paranoid either, it's truth. Probably a pound or so, which could potentially be water. I'm going to try and get enough of a workout in tonight that I can manage a maintain tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes though.
My walking class starts tonight. Although we probably won't be walking. Probably just the paperwork portion of things. But I'll still do my Ct5K, even if it's running in place at the apartment. That's better than nothing.
I went to the library and book shopping last night. Then went to bed early. I was too tired to do very much.
Well, I'll let y'all know how weigh in goes, even if I don't expect to be happy about it!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes we slip up, even though we try not to. I have actually been trying to seriously stay on track the past couple of weeks, but have failed miserably. Between the doctor messing with my anxiety meds and class work I have been having trouble. I either have a ton of school work to do and have to skip a workout, or I am too sick from my meds to workout. This is not having the best effect on me.

Sometimes recommitment is more about mindset than actually doing something. It's important to re-evaluate your plans and goals every so often. As time goes by our lives and time commitments change. What worked great for your schedule 6 months (or even 2 weeks!) ago may not work anymore. As you grow older the things you really want change, so it might be important to change the goals you have in mind.

I think one problem a lot of people have during long weight loss journeys is that they forget about how their life changes. They forget that they have to change their workouts occasionally; they forget that after losing 50 pounds they might not need to eat as much at each meal. They forget that after they have aged 10 years it might not be feasible to fit in a size 2 anymore. These are things we need to think about as we try to lose weight and become healthier people.

With the second eight weeks beginning for me at school, I have to re-evaluate my workout schedule. I’m taking a fitness walking class two nights a week. That interferes with the classes I’ve come to enjoy at my gym. I cannot go to KDW at the gym if it starts at the same time as my class. I cannot go to water aerobics if it ends at the same time my class begins. So I have to decide what to put in the place of those activities that will have a similar effect on me. It can be hard to decide how to make these changes. I’ll be walking for my class, but that won’t burn the calories like my dance class does. I have to evaluate the differences and decide what fits for my schedule.

This time I’m lucky. I’m taking part in a Wii Sports challenge with SparkPeople. It starts today. The idea is to spend 30 minutes a day seriously playing this very active game. And I think I can put a serious dent in my workouts through this. I think it will also be a lot of fun to spend time boxing, especially since it isn’t something I have access to at the university gym. They are allowing bowling, boxing, and tennis for the challenge. I think I will avoid tennis, but bowling will probably find its way into my gaming sometimes. J I think the boxing will be good for my shoulders though. I could be so wrong, but we’ll see in 6 weeks, right?

I’ve decided to try the Ct5K program in conjunction with my walking class this fall. That should help not only my calorie burn during class, but also my fitness. This time I plan to get through Day 1. After that it should be easy, right?

Anyway, back to recommitment, since I apparently felt the need to go off topic! In addition to exercise, it’s important to remember eating. That’s been a major problem for me my entire life. I have to remember that I want to be healthy. And the only way to be healthy is to eat healthy. That’s difficult for most people, I think, and it’s important for me to reevaluate WHY I want this. That will help me to get back in gear.

It’s time to buckle down and do this right! No more half-assing it!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Must Love Dragons

I picked this book up the other day at the library because I've been reading blog entries by the entertaining Stephanie Rowe. And when I looked over the library's selection of her works, I decided that I simply had to start with Must Love Dragons.
I read through this novel rather quickly. One, I wanted to procrastinate on homework again. Great reason to read. Two, it was a pretty darn good book.
From the back cover:

Single Female Dragon seeks love and good times in the big city.
Single Male, ex-Dragon Slayer, seeks fiery sex goddess.
What's NOT to love in that sort of story. It has suspense, mystery, and a FIGHT. Or a few.
This would be a wonderful book to read while on the elliptical or bike. It's fun, sexy, and wouldn't require so much brain power that you couldn't still peddle! Check out Stephanie's site for a video and excerpt.


I'm glad it's Friday, and I sure most of you feel the same way.

Personally, I'm not feeling all that great that the moment. I took my first dose of buspar this morning. And now I'm sick to my tummy and sleepy. I hope that it goes away soon, but food didn't help it.

I've posted two manga/comic book reviews today. I picked them up last night at BAM and was pleased with the purchases. We renewed our discount card and got a free tote. It's a smaller edition of the ones they gave out last year. We even got one of those $5 off a $25 purchase to use by the 20th. Too bad the new Laurell K. Hamilton book comes out the 30th! I'll find something to pick up though. There are books I would like to have. I've actually started a list!!! Shouldn't be hard to bring that to a $30 total. All I need is 5 paperbacks. Or the hardcover Feehan holiday treasury and three paperbacks.

Well, I think I'll go. I want coffee, have a novel to write a review of, and need to do some actual work before I go home for the day. Y'all have a safe and fun weekend!!!

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures Vol. One

Josh found this while he was looking at manga at Books-A-Million last night and brought it to my attention. Needless to say I HAD to pick it up and take it home. This is a hardcover edition containing the first 6 issues of the Guilty Pleasures comic adaptation.
The comic is put out by Marvel. The first five issues were adapted by Stacie Ritchie and issue six by Jess Ruffner-Booth. All the artwork is by Brett Booth, with colors done by Imaginary Friends Studios. The entire book is in color and is BEAUTIFUL!
I read this at work today and it was a delicious escape from the the boredom of a Friday. The story was incredibly well told and I was very pleased with the adaptation from the book. Anita is beautiful and Jean-Claude is sexy!
This harcover includes a cover gallery to show you the covers from the individual issues, and even has a short extra titled Vampire Victim! There are additional issues of the story out past these six, but I will probably wait for the second hardcover volume before I purchase them. Although that doesn't mean I won't be looking at them in the store. There's no way I can wait that long before I read the next issue!!!

Dark Hunger: The Manga

I picked up Dark Hunger by Christine Feehan last night. I read the short story not long after it had come out and really did enjoy it. It's not one of my favorite Carpathian stories, but it's not my least favorite either.
This is the story of Riordan and Juliette and takes place in the Amazon. From the back cover: She will release him from his bonds. He will release her from her inhibitions. Each has a voracious appetite that must be sated.
It was published by Berkely Books, and the pencils are done by Zid of Imaginary Friends Studios. While the artwork is not a style that I care for, it is an acceptable adaptation of the novel. It has been a while since I read the story, but I was pleased with it. I hope they adapt some of her other short stories to manga form in the future.
If you are interested in a sneak peak, visit Feehan's website for a slide show preview!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Day, Another Headache?

Actually my day is going pretty well. My hubby commented on a previous post here. He informs us of WHY he doesn't hunt. I was amused.
I feel much better than I have earlier in the week, and am slightly excited about my small shopping trip this evening. I'll be getting BIG bottles of shampoo since both of us will be using dove now. And we'll be getting vitamins. And a flat-iron purchase.
I'm not excited about my simulations I have to do for my MIS class. Each assignment on it takes over an hour! I have 11 of them left! And I have a lot of programming homework.
I am almost completely caught up on my blog reading now. Just a couple left. I haven't commented to everyone though. Just a few.
Everyone in the Christmas Challenge seems to be doing fairly well. Lots of losses so far. Lots of positive thinking, which is the most important thing.

I won't be making it to the gym tonight. Laundry to do, packing to do, TOO much homework. I'll try to fit in some sort of exercise though. Although I did walk to work AND to lunch. So that helps.

Y'all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beauty Shop

Josh and I both got trims today out at The Cutting Edge. April did our hair, and I love her. I'm so glad she's back working. She asn't last time I was in and I missed her. She's got a beautiful little girl.
Anyway, Josh went first since he had to go to Aikido. By the time I got there she was flat-ironing my husbands hair. People don't realize how long his hair is because of the way it curls! I took a picture. I will probaby be able to post it at the bottom, assuming I get the bluetooth working!!!
Then we looked at my wedding pictures because she hadn't seen them. April loved them all.
Then the hair. I'm not allowed to blow-dry my hair. I'm not allowed to wash it every day. (At least she gave me a shower cap!) I am allowed to flat iron it occassionally, and she told me where to get one. And which one to get. She promised me she would refuse to let me chop off my hair until it was to my butt or longer (I'll need help not caving!!!) and she promised to show me different things I can do with it along the way. Today I was shown how to flat-iron. but not every day. It looks neat.
Josh and I both have to start taking vitamins. We can take prenatal vitamins or two flinstones a day. Our choice. And he cannot use his suave shampoo anymore. We are to both use Dove, or one of those fancy expensive name brands.

Anyway, I cannot get the bluetooth to work, so I guess you'll get a picture whenever I get to make the stupid phone work via USB cable. Stupid phone. :)

--I don't take Lexapro anymore. I'm to take two days off and then start something that starts with a b....

Another Weigh...

I was shocked. 2.5 pounds gone. I'm out of the 210s, hopefully to stay. Although I won't feel bad if I have a gain next week. I'm going to visit the parents for my birthday this weekend, and have very little clue what Momma has planned. Other than deer stew. My mother loves me. She knows that I really enjoy deer, and don't get to eat it often enough considering the hubby nor I hunt.
That's 6.5 of my goal for Christmas, 40% in three weeks. I hope I keep this up. I really would like to see onederland this year. It would make me feel good. This week marked 52 weeks in weight watchers for me. 28 pounds in my year barely following the program. Here's to hoping I don't sabotage myself much in the next one!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another Week

I feel both great and sucky at the same time today. Kinda wierd.

I feel great because I noticed this morning that my black slacks I've been wearing since before beginning this journey are slipping uncomfortably like my jeans that I mentioned earlier. Nice feeling, I guess. I'm also wearing a shirt today that I thought was too tight just a few weeks ago when I put it on to wear. It lays across my rolls instead of stretching across, so I thought that was nice. AND, I had a lady tell me that I was slimming up. That made me proud. It was Ms. Susan, one of my fitness role models, and I think that was the first time she's actually complimented my weight loss. So I was really happy. That kinda made my day. (Don't we all just love compliments!)

I went to see my back doctor today. She was happy to see that my posture had improved since last time. (Both she and her nurse always remember me. Her nurse was confused because she couldn't find my printout. She had forgotten my last name had changed. She didnt' even ask my name before starting to look. I wish I could remember names like that!) Anyway, She said they kinda wanted to do another MRI on my middle back, but were going to wait. And I don't have to go back and see her again until February, unless I start hurting. YAY! I love my back doctor. Even if it does take forever to get in and actually see her. She really does care about her patients.

I was a bit sick over the weekend. I woke up sick to my stomach, but I went with Josh to his Aikido testing anyway. No one told us what to expect of the day. I ate a small breakfast because I wasn't feeling well. Then 1.5 hour drive there. Then they were doing Aikido for 5 hours. THEN the guys forgot how to get to the Indian restaurant they wanted to eat at. So I went like 10 or 10.5 hours without food. We were at the police academy gym, and all they had was a water fountain. And it was in the middle of nowhere. Then I woke up sick again on Sunday. But I made it through the day and was feeling a little better in the afternoon. So I went to the Chevelle concert with Josh. And we first sat down at a table upstairs in the bar. No view. But seated. I had two margaritas. They were alright, but not great. Then he decided he wanted to go downstairs so he could actually see Chevelle. But made us go down an act early. Way to long on my poor feet in a too hot crowded space. It was more crowded than when we went to see Saliva. But it was a good show. We got to hear some band we had never heard of and got the album. Don't remember the name right now though. There was also a fit while I went to the restroom. I did see the guys and girls get drug out by the red shirts though. Then I woke up REALLY sick Monday. So I stayed home and did nothing. Still a bit sick today, but nothing too major. I'm at work bored. YAY.

I'm convinced I've gained again this week, even though I have noticed a drastic difference in my clothing the past few days. Guess that's normal for me though. I ALWAYS think I gained. At least I'm usually not disappointed, right? I wish I hadn't been sick yesterday so I could have weighed in for biggest winners and given myself a clue as to how I've done. I COULD weigh in today, but the difference in time would skew that result. I'll just skip a week with them and be surprised tomorrow.

I'm going back to the gym tonight. First time in over a week. I'll be taking the last of the dance classes I can because I have a night class starting next week. I kinda wish I could drop that class, but I would still have to pay for it. So I might as well get my money's worth, right? And I really do want to try to up my walking speed anyway, and that class should help with that. The walking class will drop my actually GYM time, but I'll still be exercising on the non-gym days for class, so that isn't too big a deal.

While I'm still not feeling 100% blogger happy right now, I am trying to catch up on some of my reading. Not doing a ton of commenting since I'm a little behind at the moment though. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Denim Day

Today is Lee National Denim Day. Southern Miss had a team to raise money. Feel free to visit our page!
We raised $150 this year. And I'm having trouble keeping my jeans up! Just thought I would share.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blast from the Past

I was talking to a couple of the girls at work today about bra shopping. Don't know why exactly this came up, but it wasn't a topic for long.

Anyway, I thought about when my friend Dee tied me up a while back, and I thought I would share the link with y'all. This was back last year, and when I was still posting on my old blog. I'm still going to have my own!

Just Another Feeling

Not really feeling the blogging thing at the moment. Every once in a while I click a random blog in my reader and look and maybe comment on it. Don't feel bad if you're not it. It's nothing personal.

I'm not such a worry wart after a couple of days on my new drugs, but I'm getting angry for no reason. I'm waiting a few days to see if this continues, or if it's delayed PMS or something. I hope it's something temporary.

I made a 93 on my MIS test. Makes me wonder if she curved the grade or something because I had forgotten everything I ever knew about technology when I tried to take that test.

I had gained 1.5 lbs this week. I'm not worried about it though. But I do need to get a hold of myself and start doing better this week. I haven't been to the gym since last Thursday. I spent my afternoon off work sleeping. I read the last 30 pages of The Smoke Thief and went to bed. Then ended up hanging out at The Gamer Sanctuary for the evening doing nothing. But it was good to be out of the house.

Y'all have a great rest of the week if I don't get back here again!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paranoid much?

OK. I will make it through the rest of the day without murdering anyone. There, now that I've said THAT, I'll tell y'all about my day!

Went down to the Gulf Coast for our staff council meeting today. I rode in the van because I had NO CLUE how to get to the campus. It was a fun ride down there. I like everyone that rode the van. We had a nice meeting, lost three passengers (to other rides back home), and decided to eat at Logan's. We had a terrific waitress, good food, and it was a great time of socializing. My drugs must have helped a bit already because I actually opened my mouth and spoke over lunch. Normally in groups like that I sit quiet and just listen. But I really did join in on the conversations and had fun. I also had their peanut butter fudge thing as dessert. I had decided I wasn't going to order one (being good!) then the waitress started sitting them in front of everyone. I wasn't going to insult whoever decided to get them for the entire table (9 of us!) It was a fun ride home too.

I missed my dance class tonight because of homework. I have a C program due tomorrow and I couldn't figure out how I had messed it up. By the time I had it fixed the class had already started. But at least I wrote the program. It has no error checking in it, but I couldn't figure out how to put that in and didn't feel like worrying about it. I don't think Matthew is worried about that at this point because we have not discussed anything like that.

I don't know how well the drugs are really working because I seriously considering killing my husband earlier this evening. WHY? you ask... Because he mentioned having talked to some girl last night that I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet. And probably won't for a while because the next time she will be in town is when I will be out of town. And the last time she was here we weren't invited to the gathering, and the other time was HubCon and we couldn't afford for both Josh and I to go. My good friend is kinda interested in her, so I REALLY want to meet her. No idea why it has me so pissed that Josh mentioned talking to her last night.

And, then there is the why do I think I have gained weight this week. I'm paranoid. I just am. I wasn't as good this week as last, but that's ok. I think last week was too good to be true. I'm psycho, if y'all havent' figured that out yet! Hopefully I will get good news in the morning, but I'm expecting BAD news. At least this way I will either be prepared or happily surprised.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. I think I'm going to see if I can figure out a way to calm myself down for bed. :) I MIGHT try to catch up with all the blogs tomorrow afternoon. We get off work at noon for a ball game and I might use the afternoon for computer time instead of studying. Good idea, right?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just A Quickie!

Made a 91 on my programming test. Much better than I expected. All my errors were stupid ones. I got the bonus question right, but he doesn't know how much it's going to count yet.

Still don't have the grade for my MIS test. I hope I passed though. Most everyone felt as unprepared as I did for it. But at least I know what to expect from now on.

Weekend was alright. Didn't exercise, didn't track. But I think I still did ok. While I didn't write anything down, I still kept a mental track on my food and didn't really have a desire to snack. Still think I'll show a gain this week though. Oh well.

Coworker is mad again. But this time I know it isn't at me!!! That makes me happy. Although I still have to deal with her mood. She isn't really talking to me anyway.

I have to write a program for my C class this afternoon. Then do MIS homework tonight. Wish I had thought to check the dates and do this over the weekend. Oh well. Didn't want to do it then.

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I scheduled it just for my cholesterol problem, but I think I'm going to talk to her about my anxiety problems too. I'm having a lot of trouble with that again.

And I probably won't be posting tomorrow. I have to go to the Coast for a Staff Council meeting. I might take my laptop, but probably won't have time to post.


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