Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes we slip up, even though we try not to. I have actually been trying to seriously stay on track the past couple of weeks, but have failed miserably. Between the doctor messing with my anxiety meds and class work I have been having trouble. I either have a ton of school work to do and have to skip a workout, or I am too sick from my meds to workout. This is not having the best effect on me.

Sometimes recommitment is more about mindset than actually doing something. It's important to re-evaluate your plans and goals every so often. As time goes by our lives and time commitments change. What worked great for your schedule 6 months (or even 2 weeks!) ago may not work anymore. As you grow older the things you really want change, so it might be important to change the goals you have in mind.

I think one problem a lot of people have during long weight loss journeys is that they forget about how their life changes. They forget that they have to change their workouts occasionally; they forget that after losing 50 pounds they might not need to eat as much at each meal. They forget that after they have aged 10 years it might not be feasible to fit in a size 2 anymore. These are things we need to think about as we try to lose weight and become healthier people.

With the second eight weeks beginning for me at school, I have to re-evaluate my workout schedule. I’m taking a fitness walking class two nights a week. That interferes with the classes I’ve come to enjoy at my gym. I cannot go to KDW at the gym if it starts at the same time as my class. I cannot go to water aerobics if it ends at the same time my class begins. So I have to decide what to put in the place of those activities that will have a similar effect on me. It can be hard to decide how to make these changes. I’ll be walking for my class, but that won’t burn the calories like my dance class does. I have to evaluate the differences and decide what fits for my schedule.

This time I’m lucky. I’m taking part in a Wii Sports challenge with SparkPeople. It starts today. The idea is to spend 30 minutes a day seriously playing this very active game. And I think I can put a serious dent in my workouts through this. I think it will also be a lot of fun to spend time boxing, especially since it isn’t something I have access to at the university gym. They are allowing bowling, boxing, and tennis for the challenge. I think I will avoid tennis, but bowling will probably find its way into my gaming sometimes. J I think the boxing will be good for my shoulders though. I could be so wrong, but we’ll see in 6 weeks, right?

I’ve decided to try the Ct5K program in conjunction with my walking class this fall. That should help not only my calorie burn during class, but also my fitness. This time I plan to get through Day 1. After that it should be easy, right?

Anyway, back to recommitment, since I apparently felt the need to go off topic! In addition to exercise, it’s important to remember eating. That’s been a major problem for me my entire life. I have to remember that I want to be healthy. And the only way to be healthy is to eat healthy. That’s difficult for most people, I think, and it’s important for me to reevaluate WHY I want this. That will help me to get back in gear.

It’s time to buckle down and do this right! No more half-assing it!


Christine said...

I had to re-commit myself too. It's hard to admit that you are slipping - but I was. It is now 11 weeks until I turn 30 - and I really want to make them count.

Living to Feel Good said...

Sounds like you have some good plans! Good luck with the c25k!! :)

Tigerlilly said...

Good for you for stepping up to the plate. Take a deep breath.. things will work out.

I thought you might like this book I just finished reading. The author lives literaly blocks from me. His last name is Owens.. its called "Here There Be Dragons" Awesome book.. I couldn't put it down!!

Alea said...

Amen to that, sister! No more half-assing it! Because that's exactly what I've been doing for the past month or even the whole year... Thanks for leaving a comment and for cheering me on. I'll do my best to do the same for you.

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