Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks for all the get well wishes from everyone! I appreciate them.

I am, in fact, feeling better now, although I'm still not 100%. Hopefully I will be by next week.

I am still sore from my fitness walking class on Tuesday. She had us walking, doing lunges, inadequate stretches, stairs, squats, more stairs, more walking, and then ab work. My legs HURT. Even yesterday I still had trouble sitting down. Not so bad today, but I think that's because I have a higher chair at work. Oh well. I will go back on Tuesday. I skipped yesterday since I was still sick.

I had a programming test this morning. Instead of forgetting everything I ever knew about C I only forgot everything I ever knew about loops this morning. If all is well I got a B on this one. I'm fairly certain I missed two of the 5 point questions. Oh well.

I'm excited about my birthday this weekend. I have NO plans except eating out for dinner one night and getting homework done. I have to get a LOT of homework done.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Fatinah said...

happy birthday chicklet - hope you have the very best day!

Matt said...

Happy birthday and get well. Just remember that the soreness is because you are using muscles that have been lazy and not used very much. It's a good thing

Christine said...

Happy weekend to you! And have a great birthday!!!

Cara said...

Happy early birthday!!!!

jodi said...

have a GREAT birthday, cory! try and not spend the whole weekend doing homework, enjoy yourself! :o)

Rae said...

Happy Birthday I hope you have a fun night & get to do something besides homework

ArleneWKW said...

Happy birthday. I imagine that you are further along on your journey to fitness this year than you were on your last birthday.Your perseverance with your fitness program is awesome.


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