Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Day, Another Torture

Yeah, still sick. Actually a bit worse today. Oh well. I go to the doctor tomorrow. At least I managed to sleep last night! Always a good thing. :)

Not much else to report really. I just finished a book I'll be posting a review on in the next few days. I have to decide what I want to say about it. I'll also be going to the library tonight to pick up Lick of Frost. They called today to tell me I could pick it up. I'll probably review it over the weekend.

I supposedly have a test on Friday for Programming. No clue what's on it. Hope he tells us tomorrow.

Not expecting happiness at weigh in tomorrow morning. Mostly just not expecting it because I feel crappy. Makes me pessimistic! :) Maybe it will be a happy pick me up weigh in though. It won't get me down if it's a gain though.

OOOOOH! Almost forgot. My new bluetooth headset came this morning. I picked it up at lunch because Josh had plugged it in to charge before he left for work. Called Mom on my way back to work and she said she could hear me just fine on it. So unless something happens, seems like a got a decent headset. It's a refurb, but that's ok. Josh and I each got one for a total of $24.99. Can't complain!


Carrie said...

Good luck with the weigh in! I am sure you will do great.

I have always wanted a blue tooth headset...could you send me the link of where you got yours?



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