Thursday, October 18, 2007


I hate fall break. I really do. I would probably love it if I didn't have to work. We have NOTHING to do. I wrote my next program for my C class. That went MUCH quicker than I expected. I've read so many blogs that I don't want to ever look at my laptop screen again. I've done as much of my C worksheets as I can without my textbook. I've ensured that my new software is waiting at the apartment for me when I get home. Too bad Josh wouldn't bring it to me at the office! (Of course, I didn't ask him too either. So I can't really complain. I wouldn't expect him to go that far out of the way. It was enough that he went ahead and picked it up at the office so we wouldn't have to rush there after work.) And I'm procrastinating on my MIS homework.

I have my discussion questions due on Tuesday that I could be working on. I even have that textbook with me. Too bad I can't get interested in the topic. I could read the book I brought with me, but I don't feel like getting it out. Too much trouble. Sadly, I actually WANT to do the programming worksheets. But I missed the class where he went over this stuff. I only have 4 questions left, but haven't found enough info online yet to help me figure out the answers. I KNEW I should have brought that book with me today!

Anyway, I would REALLY love to have my new software. I ordered OneNote 2007 and it was delivered today. I get to install it tonight. I'm going to put my DnD character in it instead of keeping it on paper for the time being. I've erased enough that I'm having trouble reading everything, and I generally do custom character sheets. This wonderful lady is put together in a spiral notebook, and takes up over 10 pages because I put in the spell particulars so I would rarely need to look up a spell during a game. It takes me a while to get a sheet done this way. On the computer it is a little easier. And I really want to play with my new software.

Anyway, I just felt like posting another thing today since I had nothing to do. I think my phone has rang 5 times all day, and I've had 2 walkin customers. I wish they wouldn't make us work these two days....


Maria said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog and saying Hi.. it's much appreciated! :-D I'd be very interested to know what a 'pampered chef' party is - maybe I will Google it some time. It sounds like something I'd love and would empty my pockets for.. yah?! Sorry about that huge headache you had.. sounds like you have some stresses in your life right now. Kudos to you anyway for reading the blogs.. I'm sure the bloggers are blessed to have you visit, I was! But take care o' you too!


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