Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beauty Shop

Josh and I both got trims today out at The Cutting Edge. April did our hair, and I love her. I'm so glad she's back working. She asn't last time I was in and I missed her. She's got a beautiful little girl.
Anyway, Josh went first since he had to go to Aikido. By the time I got there she was flat-ironing my husbands hair. People don't realize how long his hair is because of the way it curls! I took a picture. I will probaby be able to post it at the bottom, assuming I get the bluetooth working!!!
Then we looked at my wedding pictures because she hadn't seen them. April loved them all.
Then the hair. I'm not allowed to blow-dry my hair. I'm not allowed to wash it every day. (At least she gave me a shower cap!) I am allowed to flat iron it occassionally, and she told me where to get one. And which one to get. She promised me she would refuse to let me chop off my hair until it was to my butt or longer (I'll need help not caving!!!) and she promised to show me different things I can do with it along the way. Today I was shown how to flat-iron. but not every day. It looks neat.
Josh and I both have to start taking vitamins. We can take prenatal vitamins or two flinstones a day. Our choice. And he cannot use his suave shampoo anymore. We are to both use Dove, or one of those fancy expensive name brands.

Anyway, I cannot get the bluetooth to work, so I guess you'll get a picture whenever I get to make the stupid phone work via USB cable. Stupid phone. :)

--I don't take Lexapro anymore. I'm to take two days off and then start something that starts with a b....


CaRoLyN said...

Ohhh I want to see pictures!! I can't even imagine my hubby letteing anyone flat iron his hair!


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