Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm glad it's Friday, and I sure most of you feel the same way.

Personally, I'm not feeling all that great that the moment. I took my first dose of buspar this morning. And now I'm sick to my tummy and sleepy. I hope that it goes away soon, but food didn't help it.

I've posted two manga/comic book reviews today. I picked them up last night at BAM and was pleased with the purchases. We renewed our discount card and got a free tote. It's a smaller edition of the ones they gave out last year. We even got one of those $5 off a $25 purchase to use by the 20th. Too bad the new Laurell K. Hamilton book comes out the 30th! I'll find something to pick up though. There are books I would like to have. I've actually started a list!!! Shouldn't be hard to bring that to a $30 total. All I need is 5 paperbacks. Or the hardcover Feehan holiday treasury and three paperbacks.

Well, I think I'll go. I want coffee, have a novel to write a review of, and need to do some actual work before I go home for the day. Y'all have a safe and fun weekend!!!



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