Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday's Suck!

It's because I'm still sick. Otherwise I would probably be ok with today. After to a few people around town, I can expect to be sick for up to a month. Lovely. Sounds like great plans for my weight loss. LOL. If I stay like this I'll be doing the bare minimums for a while on the exercise front. Then again, if I stay like this I won't feel like doing much. So maybe I'll get my homework done. LOL
The DnD game this weekend was fun. My lovely warmage got knocked down to 1 hit point. That was fun. I shouldn't have taunted the powerful bad guy with spells when not of the melee characters could reach. LOL. It was fun though. I still don't have her completely leveled though. I'll HAVE to finish that before the next game. My friend Dee doesn't have her character sheet straight either so I don't feel too terribly bad.
Last night the inlaws took Josh and I to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. They'll be a cruise when my birthday actually rolls around. It was a fun trip out. It was the only thing I did all day too. Ate too much, but it was all I ate all day as well so I don't feel bad about it. :) Other than the tummy ache.
I'm trying to decide if what I've got is a sinus infection or a head cold. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon, so I'll see how things are then. :) She can tell me what she thinks, and tell me if I need drugs. I hope I don't need much in the way of drugs. I'm kinda broke with it being bill time! I didn't get very much sleep last night because I couldn't breathe if I laid down. I spent most of the morning sitting in the recliner. I hope it's not the same way tonight. I'm going to try a nap after work, that should give me an idea of how to plan the evening. The recliner isn't very comfy for sleep, so it's possible I'll have to work out something else that keeps me fairly upright. Any ideas???

Hope everyone else is doing great. By the way, go check out this blog. The Veggie Paparazzi decided to come out of hiding behind her laptop. :)


Amazon Alanna said...

Mucinex makes a really awesome 12 hour nasal spray that alleviates sinus congestion...and I am the queen of sinus infections and bronchitis...I just bought the Mucinex nasal spray and I'm blown away at how good it worked for me!

Sorry to hear about your warmage...will it make you feel better to know that my Blood Elf Paladin is doing really well?

Living to Feel Good said...

Awwww bummer about not feeling well still. I like using Mucinex too like AA said, but I haven't used the spray only the pill form. Hope you feel better before Wednesday, so you can maybe save money.

Thanks for mentioning VP site. I haven't been there in a long time, and it was fun to see what she looked like! :)

Alea said...

Get well soon!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww I hope you are feeling better soon! I just got over it a few days ago and I was sick for about 2 weeks before I started taking antibiotics. I hate being sick! hopefully it's over soon for you!


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