Monday, October 30, 2006

WI Day

I weigh in after work today. I feel horrid going in. I just KNOW that I gained this week. There's no way around it. I just didn't do well enough last week. But it's ok. Everyone gains occassionally and I won't let it affect this week in a negative way, nor will I let it affect my frame of mind today.

However, with WI this evening, I'm thinking a salad would be good for lunch. At least that will be fairly light.

I do feel really good about one thing though. I did my 15 minutes of stretch this morning. I only did a quick run through of the Tai Chi though. I know I should have spent at least 15 minutes instead of 5, but I was HUNGRY when I woke up. I just couldn't wait for the food any longer. But I'll do better tomorrow. And tomorrow is strengthening!


ArleneWKW said...

You're going to the WW meeting and that's important even if you show up with a gain. And you're sticking with your exercize program even if you're not spending as much time at it as you'd like. Count these things as successes.

chubby said...

You've already lost 5lbs in two weeks, which is incredible! There are some weeks when you're not going to lose anything, it is inevitable, unless you are not human or don't have a life. There is always next week. Anyways, looking back on your posts before it seems you never really think you will lose weight but then surprise surprise! Have a little faith in yourself.


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