Sunday, October 22, 2006


I think I did fairly well even with the family get together this weekend. I only went a few points over yesterday, and still have several points left in my allowance.
Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm looking forward to it. I pre-registered for a Breast Cancer walk tomorrow on campus. I have to check and be sure I can weigh in and get to the walk in time. I hope it is registration at 5:30 and not the walk. That would make my day kinda suck. I'll have to find out in the morning. I REALLY hope it works out that I can manage both!

Oh, and I managed 1,563 points on PC!


Tigerlilly said...

Sounds like you did great... I wish they did 'cancer walks' here, but it is such a small town that it would have to be a 2 mile marathon..LOL. Good luck on your weigh in, I hope all goes well. Keep your spirits up...


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