Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tonight's Workout Plans

Well, the Tae Bo idea didn't work out well. My knees just weren't up to it tonight. After 15 minutes I wanted to cry. It's disappointing.

However, I did put in a lot of weight training instead. I feel better for that, even if it isn't the work out I wanted. And I have managed 1197 points on PC the three days this week. Tigerlilly's suggestion is looking like a possibility...


Tigerlilly said...

LOL... Looks like we were on the same page last nigt... I TRIED to do my Tae Bo.. but the second I started my knees just started aching.. so instead, I went to bed early... oh well.. guess its an extra mile for me today!!

Great job on the PC points!! I bet you can do 2000!!


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