Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok, so this week has kinda sucked. Sunday night my external hard drive crashed. It's where I stored all my ebooks, a lot of music, all the files for my current DnD character, resumes, old school work, and the backup of my work laptop. And we can't do anything about it. This really pissed me off. But, I should be getting my new external harddrive today. Of course, I will have lost a ton of stuff. But I will get by. I don't really need the old school work. It's about time to do a new backup of my laptop anyway, I can download my ebooks again, my wedding pictures are all on cd SOMEWHERE in the apartment, and I backed up the journal and character sheet for Mori on googledocs. And my current semester of school work was still on my l aptop. The bad thing is that I don't think I have another copy of my resume anywhere. At least Josh should have his around somewhere. And all the downloads I did during Spring Break (with the exception of one) are still on my laptop. I haven't deleted those yet. So, in addition to studying for my Economics exams, I'll be spending the weekend downloading files and moving stuff to my new harddrive. I guess that's not a bad way to spend the time. Now, off to see if I should use the software that comes on it, or format it right way. It's a Seagate FreeAgent, so if anyone has experience with these, let me know what you think!



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