Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reading & Commenting...And Other Stuff

I feel so bad because I haven't been able to read and comment on everyone's blogs as normal these past two weeks. My class has taken more of my time that I had planned on. However, I will be taking the final tomorrow night. That should clear me up to start commenting again! Of course, it might not be perfect for the next few weeks. The beginning of school means I'll be staying busy at work for a few weeks. But that's ok. At least the bosses should appreciate it.

As far as The Challenge, I have done decently this week, considering how busy I have been with schoolwork. And I spent all of last night sleeping. It was nice to catch up on all that sleep. I had only been averaging 4 hours a night.

I think I'm doing ok on the eating, but I'm probably going to keep the rest of the week kinda light. And I am waiting for the school gym to post the new group exercise schedule. I plan to take belly dancing at least one night a week, assuming they offer it again. That's my main reason for waiting somewhat impatiently.

On another note, I now hate doctor's offices. My regular doctor (on paper, I MIGHT see him once a year) was transferred from Hattiesburg to Petal in December. I called his old office today to set up an appointment for a Health Risk Assessment because our insurance company is trying to get people to take them this year. They told me they couldn't take on new patients of his and asked why I couldn't go to his new office. I told them that I wasn't driving to Petal to see a doctor. (It's probably a twenty minute drive to his new office, if you don't catch a train. The main Hattiesburg Clinic, his old office, is a five minute drive from work, ten max from my apartment.) The lady said she would see what they could do and call me in the morning. I'm tempted to go ahead and see if the clinic on campus can do the assessments. I've been seeing one of the doctors there everytime I've been sick for the past year. It's a three minute walk from my office. I just thought I would call H'burg Clinic since they are a full service clinic.
You know, this had me serioudly pissed off at 5 this afternoon. I think my anger has toned down now. It's kinda sad because I did a few really good rants on this earlier. I just don't seem to have another good one left for y'all. I'M SORRY!!!

Well, good luck for the next couple of days everyone. I should be back to something approximating a normal routine after that and will see you all regularly!


Tee said...

I am sorry they didn't make an appointment for you. I think they should have. I am glad that things will get back into a normal routine for you soon. I wish I could take some of your load off for you. It will get better....believe in it!

Paige said...

It's nice to see you like belly dance, I'm starting that class tonight at my local gym!!

jeannie* said...

Drs. appointments can totally suck... sorry bout that!

And I want to take a belly dancing class!!!

Good luck with your final!

Kellie said...

Good luck on your final!!

Tigerlilly said...

I WISH my doctors were that close... When I was pregnant I had to drive 1 hour to the hospital to see the doctor... you should have seen me doing it in labor!! LOL..

I hope you final goes well..

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Belly dancing sounds like lots of fun! And it's a great ab workout, too!

Alea said...

I can totally relate to not being able to post and comment as much as you would like to... I have the same problem - that's why I've been so quiet lately.

Best of luck for your finals!

ArleneWKW said...

I'm glad you're doing okay with your eating. That's something of a challenge for me when I'm trying to settle into a new routine. I may have missed where you wrote about regular doctor visits. I'm not sure why you're having them. In any case, the changes with regard to this seem stressful. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. Re. belly dancing, a number of my friends do it. It seems like there's a whole belly dancing community.

TC said...

I have been really bad about visiting my blog friends as well. This whole working mom thing is a lot of work!


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