Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fridge Update!

Ok. So I cleaned the fridge out a little more. I found all kinds of things that were out of date, and there were a couple of things that JUST went out. AND, just so everyone knows, I'm not finished with my grocery shopping yet. The hubby and I did some tonight, but I'll be finishing it up in the morning. It's mostly stuff to be frozen that I don't have yet.

This is the freezer. I know it doesn't look moch different. I got rid of a few things that we didn't need. The burgers are for the husband. The chicken patties are for both of us when we are in a hurry. I also have some frozen meat in there still. And some of the grocery shopping left includes some lean cuisine meals. There are on sale in one of the local grocery stores.

The top shelf is still similar. I got rid of some out of date stuff here too. But I have 2% milk, and two cartons of 100% fruit juice. I LOVE DOLE! They have some awesome flavors. I got Orange Pineapple Banana and Orange Pineapple Mango I think. And I know notice that I need to fill the water pitcher!!!

Between these two pictures you can see that I have alfalfa sprouts, cheese, and sandwich meat. I have lean turkey for me and ham for the guys. (We have a couple of friends that eat sandwiches at our apartment some during the week.) I also bought salad mix, broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots tonight. Now I can have some salads, and then some veggie snacks at work.

My bottom drawer looks the same. It's all fruity. I normally don't keep quite so much fruit, but we had gotten the bag of oranges. They are so big that they don't have much flavor, but I'll eat them anyway.

The door looks about the same. I got rid of the chocolate syrup, and maybe a couple of other things. I honestly don't remember for sure. I apparently managed to cut off the very top of the door. It still has the Borden 2% cheese. That stuff is super awesome. All the calcium of an 8oz glass of milk and two points. There are also the husband's hot dogs.

My fridge doesn't look as great as some people's but we are seriously broke right now. That's part of the reason I don't have more in the way of veggies. But I have enough to get us to my next paycheck I think.

On other notes, I have finished most of the work for my online class. I just have to do the reading between test times. And wait for her to grade the work. I messed up one of my assignments (forgot to add something) but hopefully she won't count off more than a point or two on it. I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and good luck this week! I will hopefully be back to normal posting and commenting next week!


Michelle said...

Great job Cory! My fridge is even emptier than before. My car's still in the shop, and I just haven't been able to get to the market. Keep up the great work, thank you for your commitment to yourself and to the challenge!

Tee said...

It is good you stocked up on some fruits and veggies. Great job!!

I hope your instructor doesn't take off too many points for your mistake. I don't think she will.

Have a great week! I will have weigh in results tomorrow.

Judi Finneran said...

Nice job on the fride...Can a person have refrigerator envy? hmmmm


Judi in San Diego

jeannie* said...

Great work! I think your fridge looks wonderful :)

And hopefully classes keep going well!

Kellie said...

Some really nice additions to the healthy version of your fridge! Well Done!

Just hang in there a bit longer for school. You will absolutely LOVE the way you feel when you are finished!! It will make you almost want to go back! ALMOST!!

Robyn said...

Fridge looks great!

And good luck with school - I do not envy you - hopefully it'll be over before you know it :)

ArleneWKW said...

Silly me. I notice the ice cream and want some.


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