Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm SOOO not with it today!

I just remembered something else I wanted to share.

Brandi, one of my friends from work, told me yesterday that she could tell I had lost weight and that I was looking really good. It made me happy for the short time.

BUT, and isn't there always one of those, while I was getting ready this morning I was thinking that I really can't tell it. The pair of jeans I was pulling on felt like they had since I got them from her. (And I love these jeans. They're cute!) It made me wonder if she was only saying that because she knew I was working to lose weight. She didn't know me when I lost weight the first time. So she doesn't have a frame of reference for that. And, needless to say, I got myself discouraged. It's followed me into my work day as well. But I think that I am mostly past it. Just a teeny bit left, and it will be gone soon.

I don't think it would have been as bad if I hadn't slept late. I couldn't get any exercise or anything in this morning. And I probably won't have time to do so tonight either. But I guess that's what Saturday is for. Start working hard!

Ok, now that I am done with the negative thinking I am going to go get some work done!


Fatinah said...

Oh, please try to just take the compliment at face value. Perhaps your face has changed, or your arms, or just your general deportment. I'm sure that you're making great strides, and that the comment was made with the very best of intentions. Sounds like the evil devil "self-doubt" still has a toe or two on your shoulder - shake him off!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

We are our own worst critics. I am certain your body has changed! Just stay strong and focused, and you'll start to feel the confidence rise again!

ArleneWKW said...

I'm glad you're "done with the negative thinking." It is mega counter-productive. You've been on track with your eating and exercizing as well (even if you're not getting to it today). Your behavior will yield the results you want and eventually YOU will notice it.

Tee said...

I hope that your weekend is better than your Friday. As a matter of fact, it will get better.

Have a great weekend, do something nice for deserve it!


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