Thursday, January 25, 2007

End of the Week

The end of this week can't come soon enough. I'm just ready for a couple of days off. I need a break from work, even if it is a short one. AND, neither of my games are going on the weekend. I'm kinda glad to get a break from those as well.

However, I HAVE to do homework over the weekend, as well as some more work in the apartment. But I got my closet cleaned out earlier the week. We have a stack of empy boxes in the hallway that I managed to get out of there. I am hoping that in the small empty space on the hubby's side (under clothes) I can get some of his mess boxed up and stashed away. I'm trying to keep the middle area cleared out so that I don't have the high-step and lean over stuff so much. But it is awesome to have it cleaned out.

I think I'm doing ok food wise and exercise wise. I have earned a decent number of activity points by walking to and from work. And I think I've been eating fairly well. I just went a bit overboard on Tuesday. But I'm still good for the week.

Well, Happy Birthday Christy!!! I hope that you and everyone else has a wonderful day.



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