Monday, January 22, 2007

And the Week Begins....

So, my week doesn't get the best beginning. But I will work past it.

I did most of the laundry yesterday, cleaned out the main closet (MAJOR accomplishment), took down the Christmas tree, and spent a little time on homework.

And I just got seriously creepted out by a tennis coach. He came in needing help. That's all well in good. Except for the way he kept looking at me. The ENTIRE time. And he was standing next to me for almost 30 minutes. And I'm not dressed for people to look at. I PROMISE. I'm wearing a long sleeve white zip up hoodie. And it's zipped up to the point that you can't see ANYTHING. Even farther than I normally wear it. I still have his laptop. I hope I'm not here when he comes to get it.

I'm expecting about a 2 pound gain when I weigh in tonight. It's not that I haven't done decently this week, but that I had weighed in at 9:30 the past two weeks and am going to be back to my regular 5:30 meeting again. And I will definitely be staying for the meeting. I also hope to get my husband set up at the gym tonight. I lost his form so we'll have to go get another one. Of course, we also have to go shopping, so we'll just have to see what happens!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

You sound like quite the busy beaver! I wish I had your energy!

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