Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And The New Year Starts

It was honestly supposed to start better than it did. I really did intend to get up this morning and exercise. But we had a lot of company last night (14 people in our tiny aparment!) and some of them were still there when I went to bed after 11. AND I couldn't fall asleep until nearly midnight. So getting out of bed this morning at 5 just wasn't happening. So I'll exercise tonight.
To make up for it, however, I did walk to work. So that's something. And I'll be walking home. AND I'll be walking to lunch because I have to go to B&N and buy textbooks. It might not count as exercise towards my January Challenge, but it will count for something anyway.

Good Luck this year Everyone!!!!


Tee said...

Hi Cory, my January partner!!!!

Not to worry about not getting up at 5am for exercising, you will make up for it. Believe it or not, the walk to and from work and the walk on lunch is doing some good.

I am here for you...just a blog away.

Kellie said...

Oh, it does too count!! You could have easily taken the car or just not even gone using your late night and guests as a good excuse, but you didn't and that's great!!

totegirl said...

Oh it definitely counts! Good job! I wish I could walk to work, but Texas is notoriously pedestrian-unfriendly. Thanks a lot urban sprawl! Still, I'm proud of you for that. Keep it up!

Tee said...

Hi Cory, me again.

I was wondering if you could email me at weightwatchnwoman[at]yahoo.com

Thank you, Tee


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