Monday, January 22, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I still claim 5'6, but I think degenerative disc disease has reduced my height.
2. I hate customer service, even if I do work in it.
3. I grew up hating the color purple, but I really like it now.
4. I still hate the color pink.
5. My hubby says that he supports me as I try to lose weight.
6. But he has a tendency to complain when I exercise regularly.
7. And sometimes complains that I don't eat enough.
8. I hate eating at TGI Friday's in Hattiesburg.
9. We eat there regularly because it is my husband's favorite restaurant.
10. I can't eat Japanese or Chinese food.
11. I love Japanese culture.
12. I took Japanese at school.
13. The class was cancelled after my first year.
14. I'm in a size 20 now.
15. I was a size 16 in high school.
16. I love to cook.
17. I hate to cook in my kitchen.
18. I have a SUPER TINY kitchen.
19. I love dragons.
20. I love wizards.
21. I love faeries.
22. I would love to learn a martial art.
23. My doctor won't clear me too.
24. I have a bulging disc in my neck.
25. My doctor has cleared me from 6-month visits.
26. I claim to be on my 3rd trip to Weight Watchers.
27. I have two best friends. My friend Dee and my sister Jackie.
28. They are 10 and 9 years older than me, respectively.
29. I rarely get to spend time or talk to either of them.
30. I have worked for the University of Southern Mississippi full time for just over 5 years.
31. I started as a full time student there in fall 2000.
32. I don't like working with other women.
33. I honestly prefer to work in an office full of men because there is less drama.
34. A little over a year after I transferred to my new office it went from 2 men in the office to only 2 women and the rest men.
35. I hate lingerie shopping.
36. Even if I find something to fit my belly it won't fit my breasts.
37. I don't think this well get easier after I lose 50 lbs.
38. I have no problems with my husband watching porn.
39. I've actually told him to buy porn video games.
40. I'm a serious geek.
41. I'm also into domestic arts and crafts.
42. I would like to learn to knit, but I'm scared.
43. I don't have many clothes that fit.44. This makes me self conscious at work.
45. I've even gained to much weight to wear the department shirts.
46. I hate the current American cartoons.
47. I prefer to watch anime.
48. I don't watch much current tv.
49. There are several shows that I love to watch reruns of though.
50. My favorite show on American tv is The Closer.
51. My favorite current anime is Bleach.
52. My favorite was Naruto but the filler sucks.
53. I can't watch either of these shows in English because the subs suck.
54. I love to read thrillers and suspense novels.
55. I also love gothic romance novels.
56. I love to read Dean Koontz but hate Stephen King novels.
57. I also hate Dean Koontz because he still hasn't finished the Christopher Snow trilogy.
58. Instead of a lingerie party or a bachelorette party I was given a sex toy party.
59. My favorite tv show host is Morgan Webb from XPlay. She's seriously hot AND has a personality.
60. Most of my friends are male. There are three girls in our group.
61. I love to play DnD. It allows me to be a different person.
62. I enjoy playing video games but I seriously suck at them.
63. My favorite video game is Soul Caliber II.
64. It is also the first video game I really played.
65. My parents had an Atari when I was really young.
66. I know I played it, but I don't remember it.
67. I don't remember very much from my childhood.
68. I'm a student in the College of Business at USM.
69. I hate every faculty and staff member in the CoB.
70. I enjoy exercise videos.
71. My husband won't pick up his stuff so I have to clean the living room every time I do one.
72. I'm having trouble losing weight.
73. I think part of the reason is that no one supports the eating right part of it.
74. I enjoy bowling on the Wii.
75. I've never been bowling in real life.
76, I have no desire to actually go bowling.
77. My husband says he doesn't like sports.
78. He never wants to leave his parents house before the game is over.
79. I'm willing to sit through a Nascar race, but I hate football.
80. I really do love my husband.
81. But sometimes I really want to kill him.
82. I've been engaged three times in my life.
83. My readers are the only people I've told about the other two times.
84. My friends refer to my church as Fort God. Some of them don't like the church, but have no reason for it.
85. My church did put up a billboard with three teenage girls on it. One of them is giving a veiw dwon her shirt.
86. Taking that into account I'm not sure I can blame them.
87. I have absolutely no self confidence.
88. I pretend to in hopes that one day I will really believe it.
89. I only have two church going friends. They are the other married couple in our group.
90. I generally don't say what I think.
91. When I do say what I think about something, my friends really make a big deal out of it.
92. I'm very sarcastic. Most people don't take me seriously though.
93. The woman I work with takes things very personally. I have to bite my tongue a lot.
94. I can't cook cookies. My mother couldn't either.
95. I really enjoy reading webcomics.
96. My favorite webcomic is Dominic Deagan.
97. The one I've been reading the longest is Order of the Stick.
98. I can't wait for the Biggest Winner to start at USM.
99. I actually don't know who is in the team I'm in for it.
100. I think that the Challenge Michelle put together will be the best thing I do this year.


Kellie said...

You are an unique individual with ecclectic tastes!! I loved reading it!! Unfortuantely, I didn't know about half of the things you liked, but I could identify with alot of the other stuff. like cleaning up after the hubby before aerobics...

Thanks for sharing!!

ArleneWKW said...

That sucks that you don't like any of the faculty etc. in the COB. Also that your hubby doesn't pick up after himself (though my hubby isn't entirely free and clear in that regard). I'm sorry that you don't seem to have a lot of support with getting rid of the lbs. That can make a difficult challenge even more difficult. Hopefully the support you get from bloggers etc. is helping you with this. Getting rid of weight is a way difficult thing to do.

Meghan said...

For some reason, I really like these lists and find them fascinating. It's like learning everything you would know about a person if you had been friends with them for the last 5 years.

Thanks for sharing!

Tee said...

Nice to meet you!!!

I absolutely love these 100 things about me posts. If helps me get to know the person behind the blog. Now all we need is a snapshot of you to put a face with the writing.

I love Friday's. That is my favorite restaurant. I couldn't identify with some of the things in this post, but I googled those things and enlighten myself. Thanks for sharing CORY!!!!

jeannie* said...

Thanks for putting up your list!! Its so fun reading everyones 100 things :)

JOY said...

Gosh Cory you have out shone yourself with this one!

I loved reading this and feel like I know you quite well after reading it.

You are doing great with the challenge - keep it up! I agree it could turn out to be the greatest thing I do this year!

I am always here for you if you need me in any way or if I can help with anything at all.

Anonymous said...

How are you coping with Degernative Disc Disease (DDD)? Are you seeking any treatment? Can it REALLY make you shrink?


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