Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Weekend!

It was a little busy. We played DnD at the local gaming store. The owner is in our game and was in a really bad mood when we got there. He was having trouble with UPS and Coke. And Wizards. UPS didn't deliver his stuff right, and then when they did make a delivery it wasn't his whole order. And the missing box was one that he HAD to get Friday. Coke hadn't delivered his drinks, and he HAD to have those on Friday. And Wizards messed up his order (costing him a lot of money). And no one was willing to help him. Well, one of my friends finally went to pick up his other box from UPS. And the game slowly helped to pick up his mood a little. And then after the game we talked a little about the Warhammer 40K tourny he was hosting Saturday (He was expecting a dozen players) and helped him set up his tables for it. He was in a good mood before that. He told us that earlier in the day he was planning to tell everyone to get the hell out at 9:00. He is scheduled to close shop then, but it is fairly rare for him to close then. By 9 he is usually in the midst of playing something and lets everyone stay until it is over.

Saturday we decided to play our other game because my friend Dee is off. It was a combat night. The DM, Shay, had planned to have combat AND advance the story, but the combat took up all the time. Our two characters that had made deals with Ravenloft (the plane we are on) got picked up and another character died. I'm kinda glad he died because he has a tendency to go on and on about his characters. But it was a NICE evening. We kicked butt.

Today is all about housework and homework. And probably some exercise. I'm doing laundry and have to spend a good sized chunk of time reading my textbook. I want to try and read the chapter twice before the test. I need to be sure and have a good understanding of the material for the essay part of the test. I plan to make the hubby do the kitchen. It's just unloading and loading the dishwasher and running over the counters with a chlorox wipe. I think he can manage that.

Well, I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend and that the next week goes good for you!



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