Thursday, November 16, 2006

Inconsiderate Prick

All of my friends know that I am trying to lose weight. They are proud of me for trying. But they are not exactly considerate of the situation.

I ate lunch at Raising Canes today (acceptable with a low point supper) and my husband was supposed to cook while I'm at work since I won't be home until 7:30 today. Well, our friends (ie, one or two of them) have decided to make plans. And they, I think, consist of hanging out. When my dear husband called to find out what was going on he was told fast food, and to show up at the Gamer Sanctuary, one of the gaming places in town.

Well, I certainly can't do fast food. And they won't tell him anything. Two of our friends now the what and everything. But all they are willing to share is that there is something. Now, you think that friends would understand. That friends would be willing to work with you. But NOOOOOO, mine have to be PRICKS!

In all honesty, I really can't hang out anyway. I HAVE to work on homework tonight, and need to work out. So, I'll get home around 7:30, or get to where the hell ever, and then have to fit something from Applebees into my points. Not so incredibly easy. I'm just lucky to have a Applebees Weight Watcher pamplet from my meeting this week. I'm thinking the grilled tilapia. I looks good anyway......

So, does anyone else have this kind of trouble? Or is it just me with the incredibly inconsiderate friends...


Tigerlilly said...

to be only support (other then my family) is on here.. that is why I blog. Otherwise, I think I would continue to fail like every other time. Good for you for being strong..have applebees and do a little extra workout!!

good luck


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