Monday, November 13, 2006

Okay, if you visit my regular blog, then you may have read my weekend post. Well, I know this morning I was talking about how discouraged I am. Several of my weight loss friends are feeling that way now. Kinda makes you wonder you started spreading the contagion. But that doesn't matter. What matters is one of us starting a contagion of good feelings and success.

Anyway, I wanted to share her my NSV from this weekend. I hadn't really even thought about it until I started writing my post on The Dragon's Lair.

A girl asked me to go dancing with her! Not asked our group, but asked me in particular. It was kinda cool. I even got her phone number. Now, I wasn't really feeling the dancing this time, so I stayed home with the hubby and the guys we had over, but I have a rain check. I've never had anyone ask me to go dancing before, so I think that is kinda cool. I haven't lost much weight, but apparently something is showing somewhere.

Anyway, I weigh in tonight, and hope the gain is small. And if not, oh well. This week starts the war anyway!



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