Monday, November 20, 2006

OK. So I know I'm late blogging today. Who cares? Not me. Sorry....

I think I did fairly well over the weekend, but not great. I think I might still have managed a loss. Which would be wonderful. I'll be okay with whatever I get though. I've decided not to be to concerned with the weigh ins. I'm just glad I get to go to the meeting tonight. I was supposed to work until 8, but they cancelled that. YAY! I get to go. I was actual more upset about not getting those recipes for y'all than I was about not being at MY meeting.

So, I'll get on tonight or tomorrow and post those recipes for y'all! And let you know how I did. (Although I did pretty good with the Wendie plan eating, I didn't exercise. So don't expect any miracles!)



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