Friday, November 03, 2006

WATER!!! NO!!!

Well, I am determined to be good on water today. So determined, in fact, that I brought 2 new quart bottles of water to work this morning. Well The first bottle I had out on the counter seemed to be weating a lot because I kept having water around it. So I put down a paper towel to catch the water.

Turns out it has a hole in the bottom. So I wiped out a glass I've had up here as best I can and poured most of the bottle into it. Unfortunately, I have lint and stuf floating around in my water. But I doubt it will kill me. No worse than what I end up breathing in from the the air around here.

It just upsets me though. I was planning on swaping the bottles out as they got warm. Guess I won't be doing that today!


ArleneWKW said...

Good for you to make the effort to drink more water. I need to follow your example.


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