Monday, November 20, 2006


Down 1 pound this week! I think that is pretty good.

In order to minimize the damage this week I am avoiding all unnecessary Thanksgiving meals. Which means the last minute one at work. One of the divisions decided today that they were going to do a Thanksgiving meal. And they sent out the e-mail. They are doing it tomorrow. I decided that I wasn't interested. I don't think anyone from my office is going to participate.

I have three meals I will have to participate in. Two with Josh's family and one with mine. At least I know that Momma will try to make things more friendly to my new eating plan. But I'll be severly limiting my food at the William's two dinners. The only safe dishes will be the ones I bring. But I can manage. I'll take my own water and salad mix.

Well, hope everyone else will do well with the holiday meals. We just all have to remember to eat free for the other meals each day!!! Yay for zero point foods!


ArleneWKW said...

Bringing water with you is an excellent idea. I'll have to remember to do the same thing. I'm planning to have all 35 of my weekly points available to me for the Thanksgiving celebration we'll be attending at my son's in-laws. Thankfully we only have that one celebration to deal with. I intend to pretty much plan what I'll be eating before we get there. Eating any appetizers other than veggies is out for me because that type of nibbling is a red light activity for me. I plan to allow myself a "big dessert" when I get home. Most likely this will consist of an 8 oz. carton of light yogurt or a cup of diet pudding combined with 140 grams of frozen fruit and topped with 30 to 40 grams of cold cereal. This will be a challenging day.


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