Thursday, September 27, 2007


I wasn't going to do a real post today after deciding to do a TT instead of just a regular post about guilt. But I've decided to. I feel like crap now, so why not!?! :)

My day was going pretty good, then I got pissed. I'm not gonna say about what because I might get made again. I went to lunch then and couldn't explode about it because I shouldn't take it out on my friends that had nothing to do with it, right? So I held all my anger it. I know from experience that this gives me seriously bad headaches, migraines even. And I get enough of those without knowing why. So, now I have a seriously bad headache that is trying to turn into a nasty migraine. I've taken some stuff, but I don't know that it will really help much. I'm sick to my stomach, but that will hopefully start easing up soon. I have water aerobics tonight, but I can't go if I'm still feeling like this after work. :)

If I don't have any more difficult customers to set me back off I might manage to get completely past my anger and start to really feel better. It's slowly slacking off. However, I don't really expect to NOT have someone come in and be a total asshole to me about something that is totally not my fault.


Okay. I just finished my second phone call with a terrific student who made me feel wonderful, even if it did take two phone calls to get what she wanted done. That is certainly helping my temper, if not my headache. I'll let you know tomorrow whether or not I end up at the gym.


KL said...

Sometimes a student can say something that just makes you feel on top of the world. Keep whatever it is up!

Randi said...

Sorry about the headaches and the anger. I know advice about anger never helps because who ever says it sounds like some hippie talking about positive energy and unicorn whispers etc. But you shouldn't get so angry ;)
I guess same thing applies to guilt! None of those things are worth feeling guilty about!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww hope you are able to get it all hashed out before it causes you any more pain!
I always hold it in too until I basically explode. Not a goodthing :)

disa said...



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