Saturday, September 29, 2007


I caved a bit last night on the 'diet'. But that's ok. I STILL have some flexies left. Not exactly sure how many though because I haven't done the tracking yet. :) Guess I should do that huh?
15 flex points left to get me through Tuesday evening. I think I can do that. I will have to kick butt at the gym on Monday though.
I should probably go today and get some stuff in, but I don't know when we are supposed to head over to the inlaw's. My FIL wants to get the boat out (something that hasn't been done since before I met Josh!) so I don't want to miss the opportunity. And Josh hadn't told me last night when we were supposed to be there. Asshat. (Yes, I call my hubby names. Who doesn't?)

I can still manage to get through this week on track with weight watchers. Just because I went 10 pts over on one day isn't failure. That being said, I've been on track for 10 days straight now. I think I'm doing pretty darned good! Now I just have to keep it up for a few more weeks.

I'm still trying to come to terms with my cholesterol having gone up to 248. (Not sure if I had mentioned I got that test result in or not!) I have a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon to talk to one of the doctors at the university clinic about what I should do. It was high in January, but no where near this high. I hope she doesn't just tell me to go on a diet. I'm doing that already!

Well, tired of the depressing. I'm off to write a book review for y'all and who knows what then!


Fatinah said...

sounds to me like you're having a great WW week - and on track. Using flex points is allowed. Plus you've been earning activity points. You're rocking it!

dancer-in-me said...

Good luck at the dr's.
Great job staying on track. I am having a hard time getting back in the grove. I am resolved that today is the day I finally make it through with my points still in tacked!


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