Monday, September 10, 2007

Back again...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to a regular posting schedule yet. That should be changing.

I managed to go to the gym three times last week, Circuit Training on Wednesday, Water Aerobics on Thursday, and the Master Fitness class on Friday. I didn't stay for the entire MF class, but I worked out for an hour. I did kickboxing and Kukuwa dance. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. But I was exhausted afterwards...

We've been doing all the hanging out lately. I spent both Friday and Saturday night at my friend Dee's place. We had her place completely packed Saturday night. She and I spent the evening on her back porch chatting with a revolving door of people. She burned her old couch, as well as a bunch of other wood and stuff. She plans to clean up some more of the Katrina damage in her back yard for a couple more bonfires this year. She'll probably get her oldest son and his friends to actually do it. (They can have one of their own if they gather enough wood for two fires kinda thing...)

Sunday was sitting at home and doing homework. We still have our friend Chris sleeping over. His grandmother is still cleaning out his bedroom so he can go home. He only gave her two week's notice that he was moving back. But he should be out in a few days. While it's nice to get to see him (he's lived out of state for a year or so now), I'll be ready to say goodbye and get back to a normal schedule. My closet is in the room he's sleeping in. Makes it difficult sometimes!

I might be back to chat later. Y'all have a wonderful day!



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