Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine

I just finished The Dead Girls' Dance, the second book in Rachel Caine's The Morganville Vampires series. And I'll once again say that Young Adult novels have come a long way since I remember reading them growing up. They are actually good now.

I read the first book, Glass Houses, a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. This book definitely lived up to the standards I held for it.

Claire Danvers' parents decided that she should go to a small college for her first year when she finished high school at the tender age of 16. They didn't know they were sending her to a vampire town.

This book picks up right where the first left off with Shane's father in the house with plans to shake things up in town. And things certainly get shook up. The landscape of things in town changes a bit from the beginning of this book to the end. It's exciting, it's dark, and it holds the unexpected. I was unable to put it down today until I finished it. And I can only say that I'm thrilled that the third book, Midnight Alley, will be coming out in October. This series is definitely worth a read, no matter what your age!


Chelle said...

I absolutely cannot wait for Midnight Alley! {In fact, that one is in my peril pool.} So glad to hear that you enjoy the Morganville Vampire series!

Carl V. said...

Sounds fun, and you are correct, there are many great young adult and teen novels being written today. Love the cover on this one.

Marina said...

Wow--definitely different from her Weather Warden series! Looks like a good one.


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