Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good News!

I got my new work laptop in finally yesterday! We weren't even supposed to get them out of this shipment, but my boss, the wonderful Nick!, went and said "Yes they are!" and had three delivered even though they were technically supposed to go to other people. I'm thrilled. I brought home both it (I love my new dell. She's beautiful and pretty fast!) and my IBM so I can work on transfering stuff over the weekend. I have almost everything installed that I can do from home though, so now it's just doing the files and getting things set up the way I want. I imported my favorites and feeds this morning, so it looks like I'm behind on my reading again, but at least I know I'm not really that far behind.

I have plans to go to the gym this morning. The circuit training room isn't open on Saturdays this semester, or so the schedule now says, but I'm going to hit the Work Out Zone. I'll hit the elliptical for however long they will let me. an hour would be nice, but I think that will depend on how busy they are this morning. They open at 9, so I'll get breakfast after I finish my post and head over there when they open. I hate that I didn't make it last night, but I really didn't feel like it. My head is still iffy this morning, but I think it's because I haven't had breakfast yet this morning. We'll see though!

Josh is going to the local gaming convention, HubCon, today and tomorrow. Today he will be heading over there for unknown period of time. He wants to play in the Dreamblade draft, but it doesn't have a set time. It's whenever Greg sees four people who will play. Sunday he will be going for a constructed L5R tournament at 2. Which is cool. This all leaves me to do whatever I want to for a good sized chunch of the weekend. So I will possibly be able to hit the gym again tomorrow... We'll see.

I haven't started in on my recipe books yet. But I will. I have to rearrange that shelf anyway. It's a mess! Rae had a wonderful post that I read this morning regarding a food find I've been looking for. I'm gonna have to keep looking now that I know other people like it. So, slip over and see her sometime soon.

I think that's about everything for the moment. Time for breakfast!



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