Thursday, September 06, 2007

I made it to the gym!

I did about 20 minutes in the circuit training room, and 7 minutes on the eliptical.

Then I went to the gym's fitness assessment center for my Biggest Winner pretests. They didn't tell me they were actually doing a fitness assessment. So my numbers were a bit skewed, but that's ok. The personal trainer, Devon, is really cute. And I think that I might hire him later on to be my trainer. Maybe next semester. I should have more money by then. (I paid off a credit card bill this past month!!! I'll hopefully pay off another this month and get it closed because I don't want to keep it.) Anyway, they took measurements and some skin-fold measurements and calculated my body fat percentage at 41.3. I was happy with that number. I was not happy with my sit and reach score, so I'll be working on stretches some this semester. I managed 17 pushups and 22 curlups (1 minute time for each). He said that was really good. I don't know that I'll manage to be able to do MORE pushups by the end, but I hope to make them easier.

One of the ladies in parking management (the office next to mine at work) was in the circuit training room when I went. So I chitchated with her a bit during my workout. Easier to do considering it was circuit training. She told me I should go to water aerobics. and I have my bag packed and under the desk for this afternoon.


I think this might take all day to do. I'm going to try and remember where I was and finish up though....

I got the paperwork I wasn't given on Biggest Winner's earlier. One of my coworkers decided at the last minute to participate. She and another guy in our department are on another team. Next semester we are going to do it together. A couple of other girls in the office want to do it with us next time, but I honestly don't know if they will qualify. You have to have a BMI over 25 to participate, and I think they might not. We'll find out later.

I have a mini goal in mind. "mini" not meaning small, but that in that's it's more an "I would like this, but it isn't something I'll be worrying about." I want to lose 20 pounds between now and the new year. Considering it's taken me 11 months to lose 23, that's a stretch. But it's only 5 pounds a month. So it really is possible. This is probably something I won't bring up often though.

In conjunction with the R.I.P II Challenge over at Stainless Steel Droppings is the 5 Challenge. It's to lose 5 pounds during the next two months. Since it falls in with everything else, why not?

Well, y'all have a wonderful evening, and a wonderful weekend if I don't get back!

OH!!! The guys made it in. My friend Chris ended up bunking with us last night.


Christine said...

Yeah girl for making it to the gym - you deserve a pat on the back! Better than I for sure.

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Yay for cute Personal Trainers! They make workouts worthwhile! :)

totegirl said...

Hooray for challenges! Sounds like you are super-pumped, and now I feel like a slacker. Taking a page from your book...

Have fun with your out-of-town buddy!

dancer-in-me said...

Congrats on getting back to they gym! That is so hard sometimes. We started our after school work out sessions this week. We brought videos from home and it went by so fast cause we were all cutting up and having such fun. The sad thing is they only want to do it 2 days a week. I wish they wanted to do it at least 4. Maybe we can work up to that. In the mean time I will have to make sure I get to the gym.

Keep up the good work!

ArleneWKW said...

It's been a while since I've checked out your blog (or anyone else's for that matter). I'm glad to see that you are still going ahead with your various exercise routines. (Note to self: Work out on the elliptical even if for only a few minutes).

You've gotten rid of 23 lbs. in ll months; I think of gained them. I'm going to start marching in the right direction.

I just read dancer-in-me's comments, that you're "getting back in the gym." That could amp up your weight loss to the point you'd like to see it. Getting back in a habit is hard and apparently you're doing it. Yaaaaaaaaay!

Anonymous said...



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