Friday, September 14, 2007

Is it weekend yet???

Sorry I've been slightly missing the past day or so. I got a horrible migraine at work Wednesday afternoon and stayed at home with it yesterday. I still have it today, but I came to work anyway. I had to stop by the clinich and have blood drawn for another lipid profile and I had class. And he actually HAD CLASS today. But he talked about cars first. :)

I have a program due for his class. I hope I can get it written at work this afternoon and be done with that. Although he does have to give us a test soon, so I may take the book home anyway. I need to type up chapter 3 notes anyway. I also have to do some cleaning, MIS homework, and prepare for my MIS test on Tuesday. The test I still have NO info on. Such as when I have to be where and with what in order to take the stupid test.

I haven't been the gym but once this week, and I have no plans to go tonight. But I will be doing something at home tonight.

I watched Saving Grace last night. I missed it Monday night. I really enjoyed the episode, and cannot wait to watch the season finale on Monday. I'll be watching the reruns after that to catch the first two episodes that I missed. I think I might have to get it on dvd.

I bought a pair of running shoes this week. The guy at Hibbet was semi-helpful in helping me pick out a pair. It's the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes. I'm wearing them today. One of them hurt my foot this morning, but I think I had tied it too tight. I did a 25 minute walk at lunch today, and hope to start actually running next week. I will probably try the C25K program again. I really do want to do this, and I'm hoping that part of my trouble was worn out shoes that weren't made for running.

I went and got blook drawn for a lipid profile this morning. And I got them to show me the results from my last one since I had never seen them. It was 243 in April. I hope it isn't so bad this time, but I'm going to have to take the whole low-cholesterol diet thing seriously now. So I'll hopefully find time this weekend to look through my cookbooks for low-cholesterol dishes. And get a menu planned for next week.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend! (And I might post something this weekend since I'll have to get online for classes anyway!)


ArleneWKW said...

I like the jazzed up look of your blog.

Migraines must be extremely debilitating. I used to get very bad headache that were not migraines, but that made it very hard to do anything. I feel bad for you that you have the migraines to contend with.

A 25 minute walk at lunch seems like a very good way to get in some exercise.


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