Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guilty Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Cory and Guilt

1…. I can find myself feeling guilty over the craziest things!

2…. I feel guilty when I'm doing well on my diet and other bloggers are having problems.

3…. I feel guilty when I'm not doing well because I don't feel that I'm providing a good example to others.

4…. I feel guilty when I drive to work instead of walking. I feel like I'm cheating myself because I'm not getting that extra exercise, although I know I shouldn't be carrying that much weight around. (My backpack with work and school stuff PLUS my gym bag!)

5…. I feel guilty that I'm losing weight because it means that I'll have to spend money on clothes instead of using it to pay off my debt a little quicker.

6…. I feel guilty that I haven't been doing Thursday Thirteens for a long time.

7…. I feel guilty that I haven't actually visited all the Christmas Challenge participants and put their blogs in my feed reader, even if I have done a blog roll for them.

8…. I feel guilty when I don't feel like cooking at home just because I get seriously light-headed since the heat builds up too much in our tiny kitchen and makes me sick.

9…. I feel guilty that I don't get to go see my parents or the rest of my family as often as I would like. Gas just costs too much!

10…. I feel guilty (sometimes, not all the time!) that I'm not more interested in doing all the things my husband loves to do. But I have my own interests too!

11…. I feel guilty because ever since I decided to do the RIP II reading challenge I haven't felt like reading books that really qualify for it!

12…. I feel guilty because I didn't go to water aerobics Tuesday night because I wanted to try the KuKuwa Dance Workout class.

13…. See, I wasn't joking about the crazy guilt I feel! I know it's crazy, but I feel it nonetheless. Anyone else feel guilty about wierd things that they know they shouldn't?

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