Friday, September 21, 2007

Bad Again...

Today is crap. It's just one of those crap days when I should have stayed at home.
I woke up and wanted to lay around for a couple of minutes, which ended up being more than 30. Then I didn't have a clean shirt that I actually wanted to wear, so I just grabbed something.
Got to work feeling ok. Then tried to open the Dr. Pepper I brought with me only to have it decide that me, my chair, my counter, my laptop, and my chair mat thingie needed a Dr. Pepper bath. Not much got on the laptop thank goodness.
My coworker came in. Some of the Dr. Pepper dripped on her floor mat so she is back to completely pissed at me rather than the slowly getting over the section. Even though I apologized, cleaned up as best I could, and am trying to catch the janitor to get a mop.
And now my allergies have freaked out. So I'm PMSing, sneezing, trying not to claw my eyeballs out, and I'm getting a major headache from all this.
I really hope my day gets better. I'm going home at lunch to try and find another shirt, eat something relatively healthy, and read the latest Anita Blake book which I got last night.

I might have more to say later....I dont' know. Depends on if my mood improves any....


jodi said...

well, at least it's friday, right? i've given my keyboard and desk plenty of baths with tea and coffee... some of my keys even stick... ;o)

dancer-in-me said...

HUGS sent your way!! Don't let this send you in a spiral. Realize it for what it is. You are stressed and food won't help. :) Sending you happy vibes for the rest of the day!!

Anonymous said...



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