Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Harlequin

I finished reading The Harlequin this afternoon. I spent a good bit of yesterday reading it. I absolutely loved this book. Although, I can't say that I have not enjoyed any of the Anita Blake books.

The newest volume in the Anita Blake series is definitely a must read. There are many things that happen in it's pages that should prove essential in understanding what goes on in the next volume.

I'm happy to say that it isn't like the last few volumes. Hamilton doesn't spend a lot of time in the erotic portions of Blake's life, although they are the topic of many conversations. While I have no problem with erotica, it was nice to have a book more centered on solving a problem in the characters' lives as opposed to being spent in bed.

This book has a lot of character development. Many characters have realized things about themselves since the last volume, and learn many more things about themselves in these pages. Some of these are developments that I have been hoping would come along, and others are expected, although I hope they eventually come to better arrangements. (Yes, this is the romantic in me talking!)

While I don't want to give away anything, I will tell you that we see Haven, Edward, Belle Morte, and Mommie Dearest again in this volume. And all of the men in Blake's life. I was very happy to see Edward again and see how things were going in his life. He's been a favorite of mine ever since he first appeared. While I wish he were in more volumes, I think he's a better and more loved character because he isn't at the heart, or the sidelines, of every event in Blake's life.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write at the moment that I don't feel gives away something major in the book. Which sucks because I want to write about all kinds of things I have read in the past few hours! So all I will say now is that it's time for you to go and read it yourself!!!! Go! Pick it up, be entranced and spooked! It's that time of year anyway!


Bookfool said...

I've avoided this series specifically because of the erotic aspect (friends who know my distaste for graphic sex warned me away), but I almost felt left out not knowing those characters!

Pssst! I'm in Vicksburg. :)


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