Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Again!

I feel good again this evening. I went to water aerobics and had a blast. She even did a good stretch period at the end. I've never had one that good in a class before. I've stayed on track fairly well today too. Although the day didn't start as well. I hope I can get past my four day early cramps and not attack the chocolate I bought tonight. I put it in the kitchen cabinet so I will avoid it tonight. And I'll post food again...

Mocha - 8 pts (non-fat. I woke up late and decided to just grab something on my way to work!)
Limeade - 2 pts

Salad (lettuce, spinach leaves, ham, cheese, carrots, ranch dressing) - 6 pts
Melon and grapes 2c. - 2 pts.

Boston Market Beef Sirloin Meal - 6 pts

Evening Snack:
1c. Chocolate Milk (Part 2% milk, part 1% milk, Nesquik no sugar added) - 4 pts

Water Aerobics - 4 pts.
Walking - 1 pt.

Points Target: 28, Food Points: 28

I hope tomorrow is as well. I have no idea what lunch will be though. I plan to get up early enough to have my breakfast at the apartment though.


ArleneWKW said...

You're on track with both eating and exercise, a winning combo. Your record keeping seems like a good idea.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have got yourself on track and motivated! Good on you :) Keep up the great work! I love water aerobics... haven't done it in over 6 years though! Bummer... they don't have very many classes like that over here in Holland.


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