Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Weighin' In Wet

Yes,the ticker does show an additional 1.5 pound loss. And that's with me being very wet, AND weighing in at 6:00p, instead of 7:35am. So I feel really good about myself today. That's only 1.5 pounds til my 10% goal!!!!!!

So, I wore jeans to work today because I figured it I had to sit in a doctor's waiting room I should at least be comfortable while doing it. So I figured I would change before weighing in. Then, we walked outside for our timed 1 mile walk in class tonight. It started raining a bit (a little more than a sprinkle but still not too bad) and I decided to finish anyway. I had a time of 17:36 (I think). More than half of my mile was in the rain. I probably would have had a quicker time but I decided to walk the raining portion of it with another girl for company. After it started raining I started packing the mp3 player stuff into pockets. Just to be safe. It could have started raining worse. I think we were the last pweople to finish, but I know that a lot of people quit when the rain started. (Teach said that was fine. She understood. I'm just glad she was willing to wait out the rest of us!

Of course, when I got home I couldn't find my house keys, so between digging through bags for those and changing it started some torrential raining. (Ok, not THAT bad, but bad enough that parts of town are starting to flood.) So, after weighing in I went to work to see if I left them there. For some reason I had put them in my desk drawer. I have NO clue why I did that!!!

Anyway, the point of some of this rambling is to continue to say that after WW I gave up on the umbrella. There is skill involved in using an umbrella while getting in and out of car. I do not have this skill. No matter what I do I get almost as wet as not using one as while I do, although a bit less distributed. So, at work I just left it in the car and ran.

Oh, and about the flooding. I was going to take some back roods around town to get from the WW Center to work. Yet, that didn't last a block. There was a SERIOUSLY flooding spot. Bad enough that it was hitting the bottom of SUVs and trucks. So I was NOT taking my Neon through that! But the dumb as guy in front of me had stopped, and kept backing up. He backed up far enough to turn into a driveway and turn around, but he just kept sitting there. He finally got close enough to be that I couldn't even get around him and try to use that driveway. And traffic wouldn't let up enough for me to back up farther. Finally, I as able to back up enough to turn into a a small bit of pavement on my side of the road. Car is still sitting there. I pull up to get straight again and then back up to the end of the pavement so I can turn around in the street. THEN traffic picks back up so it's a couple of minutes before I can turn around. What does that stupid idiot end p doing? Driving through the flooded spot!!! Pissed me OFF! But I'll get over it.

So far I'm at 7057 steps for the day, so I should be able to pick up another 500 or so easily doing some work around the apartment. I was going to go to the library (another book is ready) but not in the rain. It will wait until Thursday when they are open again. They're closed for the holiday. I would just drop my books in the box tomorrow if I didn't have anything waiting, but no sense in making two trips downtown. I hope the weather here is better tomorrow. I want to get up and get a couple of miles in before heading to the inlaws. That should put me well on my way for walking, and not make me feel too lazy. And I'll be walking to work again on Thursday.

Well, congrats to everyone who has already posted a loss for this week! I'm heading over to sparkpeople now to post mine on the group loss board! Y'all have a great holiday (well, my US readers anyway!).


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Keep up the great work and you'll be at your 10% goal by next weigh in :)

ArleneWKW said...

You guys are really getting poured on down there. You show much perseverance with competing the walk. Your mention of counting steps for the day makes me think it would be a good idea to start using a pedometer.


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