Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And the Doctor Says...

Get better posture. Will, basically that's what she said! Not exactly.

She done some trigger-point therapy (I think botox) on my upper back, and set up an appointment for a nerve burning for my lower back since that helped it last time. she gave me the 30 minute rule. Everytime I'm reading or working on the computer I'm supposed to stop every 30 minutes and pull my head and shoulders back several times. Hopefully this will work out well for me!

I'm going to weigh in tonight at weight watchers assuming I get out of class in time. I'm expecting to see a gain there just because of the time of day. But I know I'll feel bad if I just skip it entirely.

All of my book shipments have come in, so I will not be continuing the Anita Blake books until I have two or three others read. (I should be able to get in a lot of reading tomorrow!) I expect at least one will get finished tomorrow. I'll be at the in-laws' place, but they will most likely just be watching tv.

How about everyone else? Any big plans for the 4th?

Oh, and on my goal status, I don't think I'll hit my step goal today because I've had to drive so much. But I will get in at least a one mile walk!



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