Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank God It's Thursday

I'm glad to have it be Thursday, and glad it's nearly over.

I didn't get in the wonderful workout I wanted to yesterday. I did my strength training and a one mile walk. Then I went to bed with a headache. Slept the whole evening through (7pm-6:20am). With the exception of the husband coming home and telling me to get up and eat supper. Which I didn't do.

Today I feel much better. I have some errands to run, but I will get my workouts in as well.

My friend is trying to win a contest over at The BenSpark. Go over there and vote for Raesmom on the right if you have a couple of spare minutes. I'm not sure when it ends, but you can vote every day.

OH! And I found out something interesting at lunch. One of my friends spent the last week out of town. And found a copy of the last Harry Potter at a used bookstore. Needless to say he purchased it. And said he'll kill anyone who tells him anything. I told him that people die. He laughed at me. I also heard a story about something I missed when I bought my book. Apparently just after I got in my car (because I missed this, but I saw my friend Dee looking at something) some guy stood up on a car with a bullhorn and started reading the last page of the book. He jumped off after a lot of people starting coming towards the car. But I still thought it was funny enough to share.

Y'all have a wonderful afternoon!


Tigerlilly said...

I have GOT to go buy that Harry Potter book... OH.. and am totally going to try and find the A. Carter you wrote your last entry about. I love to read young adult books... it makes me feel young again! LOL

I have yet to buy any of the Harry Potter books.. but I'm sure they will come out with the box set soon enough!

You probably really needed that sleep. I hope your feeling better today and get a good work out in !

Journeys said...

good for you for getting the rest you and I'm pretty sure I wouldve throttled anybody that decided to read the last page of the book out loud!!

Critter said...

I think it is so funny everyone has went crazy over Harry Potter. I may have to jump on the bandwagon one of these days and read them.

Fatinah said...

that is exactly why I had my book painfully delivered to the house.
You likely need to sleep to rest from all the reading you've been doing - your eyes are probably ready to jump out of your head!

Christine said...

I;m not going to lie - I don't read the books - but I still stood in the store the other day and read the last chapter. Really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Love the movies - very good - would buy them all for any future kids I have - but thats about it.

Hope you are feeling better. Obviously you needed that snooze. :)

ArleneWKW said...

I saw the first HP flick, but haven't read any other the books. I'm glad the mob squelched the guy on the car.
I hate spoilers; I'm glad you found the humor in the situation.


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