Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm glad it's Tuesday, and that I don't have class this afternoon. It's entirely too hot outside for lots of walking around.
I got in 9,027 steps yesterday (before I took of my pedometer. I didn't walk around too much after I took it off though.
There are only two reasons I don't shave my head.
1. I don't think I would look good that way.
2. I would end up with a horrible sunburn up there.
And one of my main goals for the summer is to avoid UV poisoning. If you've never suffered from it, you are lucky. IT SERIOUSLY SUCKS.

Ok, now I think I'm done with all that. I'm a bit tired this mroning, but I'm sure I will recover. I was planning to go to water aerobics tonight since I don't have class, but I forgot to pack my bag for it. Oh well.

I'm eagerly awaiting my weigh in tomorrow morning. Unless I REALLY screwed up this past week (and I don't THINK I did) I will probably hit my 10% target. And that makes me really happy. :) It's time that I start really thinking I'm getting somewhere with this. I did a bunch of measurements last night, and I have lost inches since the last time I did them. Too bad I didn't write down the DATE I did the measurements. Just what they were. This time I took just about every measurement I could think of. The only ones I DIDN'T do were shoulders, wrists, and ankles. LOL Sometimes I amaze even myself. But since I'm participating in Kim's 12 week challenge, I figured I would go ahead and do them all. I'm not sure which ones we'll actually be doing for that, but I figured if I'm doing some, might as well do them all!!!

Y'all have a wonderful day!!!

Edit: My sister has posted some awesome pictures of the girls, if anyone is interested! And my new boss had some terrific news for us today. He's going to be a DAD come February! Just thought I would share!



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