Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Friday Again!

I like Fridays. It's the last day of the work week. I know that there is a break coming, and I LIKE that.

Today I haven't done my blogging because the screen is bothering my eyes for some reason. That's ok. I'll catch up on everyone either over the weekend or on Monday.

I walked two miles on the track last night. My time was a little slow, but my calves cramped up really early, and then shin splints, but I just kept going. And I finished, so I'm happy. I feel much better about things today. We'll see if I've really got my motivation back on Monday though. I plan to follow through on everything this weekend though!

I just finished another good book.

Now, the reason I have included the cover here is because I have finally found the perfect tattoo for myself. I've been wanting on for YEARS! I just never could find the perfect one. Well, I want to get the roses on that lady's leg. You can't see it as well in the pic as you can on the hardcover book. I'm going to make that tattoo my reward for when I am really happy at my weight. I don't know exactly what that weight will be, but I'll know when I'm happy. And now that I have my reward chosen, maybe I can stay more focused!!!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!


Amazon Alanna said...

Cool tattoo plan!

Good job on your two mile walk, you keep that up you'll be in the tattoo parlor chair sooner than you think.

Fatinah said...

mmmm, that is a rockin tatoo - it will be an awesome reward!

Matt said...

2 miles is great. If you keep it up, it will seem like nothing after a while.
Go, girl

Christine said...

I have a few tattoo's already - and have decided to get one more when I hit a loss of 50 pounds! It certainly gets me going!!

ArleneWKW said...

Where is the tat going to go? Someday I may have a little one done on my ankle, possibly of a wolf since Wolff is my maiden and middle name. I'm not sure that I'm up for the pain though.
Yaaaay for the 2 miles.


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