Monday, July 02, 2007

It's a New Month!

I'm glad that it's July. I think it's a great month. It means that half of the year is behind us, and I'm still working on my goal. I haven't had just a ton of progress with it, but the scale has gone down, and I'm happy about that.

We don't have things all together yet on the Challenge board, I guess Michelle's a bit busy, but I still have my July goals together. This month I will follow the orders of my back doctor (whatever she tells me tomorrow!) and I will walk every day.

With my walking itself I do have goals as well. I'll be logging at least 7500 steps on weekdays, and at least a one-mile walk on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of my weekday walking comes from walking to and from work which I WILL NOT do on the weekends, thanks!

Right now I hate my walk. It's in the 90s outside, and 80% of the walk is in direct sunlight. There's only one small stretch of shade to walk through and the rest is just miserable. :( But I do it because it saves money and it keeps me moving. These are very important things. Because I am BROKE. But that's ok! I'll live.

This weekend we went to my friend' Shay and Dee's house to play DnD. I finished making my new character, who did not have the opportunity to make an appearance. I probably slept for an hour or so, off and on. It got a bit boring and I got a bit sleepy. So sleep I did. I should have through to ask my friend Dee for the books I needed to borrow early in the evening. Then I could have been reading the entire time! Oh well, the sleep was good for me. And we had liquored up strawberries! That was fun. We had out buttershots (very, very good in a strawberry), mead, baileys, and a few other things. Our friend Joe had the idea of injecting the liquor and then letting the strawberries set in the fridge for a day. I'm kinda interested in how that would work out, but who knows if we will actually ever do it. It's definitely something to remember though!

I read Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie by Holly Black this weekend. That was an awesome book. It's a story of a young girl who leaves home and heads into the city. It's definitely a dark story, but it has a happy ending, and I like that. It's a young adult novel, 320 pages. Looking back, it doesn't feel that long. The story goes by pretty quick.

I also finished reading Sabrina Jeffries' The Royal Brotherhood series. They were good, fun reads. Not masterpieces of literature. It's about three half-brothers, all fictional bastard sons of the Prince of Wales. The middle book is probably my favorite though. Definitely by favorite hero of the three!

I'm continuing to read the Anita Blake books right now. I'm on Obsidian Butterfly right now. I'll finish it either tonight or tomorrow. It's definitely a good read!!!

Other than all this stuff, I did housework over the weekend. I finally have a clean kitchen again, although no where near as nice as Joy's new kitchen. She sent me some pictures of her house and it's beautiful. Makes me wish I lived out in a beautiful countryside, but maybe I will one day!

Everyone have a terrific week!!!


Matt said...

Hi Cory - Walking is a great thing to do, but if you can, find someplace pretty for your walking. When I was able to and when I did walk, I hated it at first, but gradually I began to love it. It became a great place to free your mind and think about things that you don't have time for otherwise, or allow your mind to wander freely.

Critter said...

I feel the same way about July. I had such high hopes for June but really did nothing. I always love a fresh start.

Fatinah said...

awesome July goals


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